My life story

Timeline created by KarolDuarte
  • Birth

    I was born in Bucaramanga in 1998
  • Baptism

    My baptism was in 1999
  • Pre-school graduation

    I graduated from pre-school in 2003
  • Family trip

    We visited some towns in Santander like Barichara, Zapatoca, San Gil in 2007
  • Primary school graduation

    I graduated from primary school in 2008
  • My first time at the beach

    I went to Santa Marta in 2008
  • Communion

    My communion was in 2008
  • My first dog

    I had my first dog in 2011
  • My first time traveling without my parents

    I went to Bogotá with a friend in 2012
  • My first concert

    I went to Lady Gaga's concert in Bogotá in 2012
  • Secondary school graduation

    I graduated from secondary school in 2014
  • 15th birthday party

    I had my quiceanera party in 2014
  • Moving house

    I moved to Bogotá in 2015
  • Moving house

    I moved to Bucaramanga in 2016
  • My first hamster

    I had my first hamster in 2016
  • Veggie life

    I decided to be vegetarian
  • Moving house

    I moved to Girón in 2017
  • College - Business management program

    I started college at UIS in 2017
  • College - Foreing language teaching program

    I started college at UIS in 2019
  • My first cat

    I adopted my first cat in 2019
  • Soccer classes

    I tried to learn how to play soccer
  • Period: to


    I started pre-school in 2002
  • Period: to

    Primary school

    I started primary school in 2004
  • Period: to

    Learning how to play sax

    I took saxophone classes in 2006
  • Period: to

    Secondary school

    I started secondary school in 2009
  • Period: to

    Learning English

    I started studying English at the Language Institute UIS in 2016