My life (so far)

  • Birth

    I was born at the Victoria Hospital at 6:49 pm. I weighed 7lbs and 9 oz. I was late and was supposed to originally be born on January 27th.
  • First Word

    First Word
    My first word was "oh look" and every chance I got I'd say it.
  • First time camping!

    First time camping!
    This was my first time camping, we ended up going to saint Mollow. Our camper was really small and really old. I was about two years old.
  • Period: to

    Playing Soccer

    My parents put me in soccer when I was really young and I didnt necessarily like the sport but because I've played it for so long I got really good at it. Now that I'm not in soccer anymore I really miss it. Soccer was always that one thing I was really good at.
  • My brother is born

    My brother is born
    I was so happy when my brother was born! But unfornatunately babys don't make the best playmates so he taught me alot of patience. My brother and I are five years apart.
  • Grandma Dies

    Grandma Dies
    My grandma was like a second mom to me. She was there when I needed someone, when I was sick, or just when I mised her and wanted to see her. I still really miss her and I wish she didnt die when I was so young so I could still get to know her.
  • Dance Class

    Dance Class
    Dance was something I wasn't really good at but enjoyed doing and it was the only chance I got to see my cousin. I've done jazz, ballet, hip hop, etc. I joined dance for about two years until I had to drop out.
  • Getting my first pet

    Getting my first pet
    The first real pet I've ever had that wasn't a goldfish or hampster was my kitten Emma. I got to name her, take care of her, and she was an outdoor cat so most of the time I was outside playing with her.
  • Career trek

    Career trek
    I've been with a program called career trek that helps preteens experience college/university. This is to help achieve the goal in guiding these kids towards what they want to be when they grow up and to pursue post secondary education.
  • Period: to

    Joined volly ball

    Besides soccer vollyball was one of my favourite sports. It kept me in really good shape and it was one of the best experiences of junoir high.
  • Getting second pet

    Getting second pet
    In the fall of October the Humane Society had a free cat day so we decided to get Emma a companion. We got a really cuddly and fat calico which I named Zoe.
  • Emma Dies

    This was probably one of the most sad memories I have which is coming home to my cat lying dead on the raod because she got hit by a car. She was an outdoor cat and I probably should have expected it but its still really sad.
  • Period: to


    High school sucks, alot. From the moment I walked into Dakota Collegiate I immediately wanted to run out, I cannot wait to graduate highschool.
  • Great grandma dies

    Great grandma dies
    My great grandmother lived to be 101. I had alot of time with her but there are still questions I would have liked to ask her about and stories she didnt tell me. I miss her alot.
  • Got my first job

    My first job was a sales associate at the Bay. It was my favourite job but unfortunetly it was only seasonal so after the Christmas season i had to leave. I miss all my co workers and I've been looking for another job in retail.
  • Getting Kevin

    Getting Kevin
    This is my fourth pet. Kevin is a creamsicle corn snake and she is probably the coolest thing I own. I thought she was a boy when I named her, hence her having the name Kevin. Shes about five feet long, two inches wide.
  • Job I have now

    Job I have now
    The job I work at right now is at a place called Kid City. Its located on Archibald and its the most interesting job I have worked at yet.
  • Dad has heart attack

    Dad has heart attack
    My dad having his heart attack was probably one of the worst things I've been through. The funny part about it is that when we went through his contacts in his phone, he had four pizza places on speed dial.
  • Going to ATC

    Going to ATC
    This semester (sept to feb) I am going to ATC for automotive. So far its been alot of fun and I've gained alot of experience since I've started.
  • Getting Cloe

    Getting Cloe
    Cloe is our third pet. Shes a really pretty tabby who is afraid of everything. She is litterally the deffinition of scaredy cat. But we love her none the less and she made a better companion for Zoe than Emma did.