My Life

By HansenM
  • Born

    I was born on a Wendsday at Souix Vally Hospital
  • Okaboji trip

    First time in okaboji, have been going every year since.
  • First Steps

    I'm glad i was able to walk before noah
  • Smokey mountain wedding

    I went to my moms freinds wedding and had a blast!!
  • First day of Preschool

    This pic is our Preschool class at a pumckin patch
  • Lost First Tooth

    I lost my first tooth in march, and boy was i happy!!!( SCARED TO DEATH!)
  • First day of elementry School

    First day of elemntry School and when I oficaly new what a C-Hawk was
  • Period: to

    Disney World/ Bahammas/ Cruise

    Went on a Trip to Disney, them went on a cruise to the Bahammas
  • Cosmel Trip

    I went to cosmel with my Family-Friends for about a week.
  • Ski Trip in South Carolina

    went on a trip to the smok-e mountains, and visetid grandma
  • First day of middle School

    This was the I new i was Now back at the botom of the food chain.