My Life - english

  • The Day I Was Born

    I was born at Arcadia Methodist Hospital.
  • My first birthday party

    On my brothers 3rd birthday we celebrated my 1st birthday together.
  • My Little Sister Was Born

    My little sister was born at the same hospital as me.
  • Birthday celebration

    So on my 8th birthday , me and my little sister threw our birthday together at the bowling alley in Arcadia.
  • My brothers 16th birthday and sisters 15 th birthday

    My brother and step-sister had asked me to be in there quince/16 th birhtday party.
  • My cousin is Validictorian

    My cousin, Sarah, had graduated from Duarte High School and was the Validictorian of the school.
  • My 15th birthday

    I finally turned 15 and no one remembered my birthday.
  • My 2 year anniversary

    Me and my boufriend have been going out for two years and are in a long-distance realtionship.
  • My brother's graduation

    My brother had graduated from Duarte High School as a senior.
  • My first day of 11th grade in high school

    The first day of my second to last year of high school.