My Life As It Is

By LOstrom
  • It's a Girl!

    It's a Girl!
    Even though my birth certificate says I was born on the 27th, I was actually born at 11:59 on the 26th. The doctor cut my cheek during the c-section and put the 27th on my certificate so I could have an extra day in the hospital.
  • Period: to

    My Life So Far...

  • Twin Tower Tragety

    Twin Tower Tragety
    The horrible tragety in the Twin Towers killed many people's loved ones. It was also the start of something big, the war.
  • The War in Iraq

    The War in Iraq
    When the war started many people had family members leave to fight. My dad was deployed, too and I was really sad when he left because he might not have come back.
  • Dad's Home!

    Dad's Home!
    After 16 months in Iraq, my dad finally got to come home. I was so excited and was so glad he made it home okay.
  • 1st Trip To North Carolina

    1st Trip To North Carolina
    Every summer my family tries to take the time to see my grandparents in North Carolina. It is so fun to go up there because they have a house right on a huge lake!
  • Devistation in Cedar Rapids

    Devistation in Cedar Rapids
    The flood left many people desperate and hopeless. I knew a lot of people that pitched in to help like friends and neighbors.
  • Joey's here

    Joey's here
    I had always wanted a dog, so when we finally got one I was so excited. I got to name him, Joey, and now he is 2 and a half. His birthday is the day before mine!
  • Cheer for Life

    Cheer for Life
    A friend told me about a competitive cheer team called Iowa Elite. This is my third year and I can't imagine doing anything besides cheering!
  • Prairie Point

    Prairie Point
    Since the new middle school was finished when I was in 6th grade, my class is the first to go 7th through 9th grade in Prairie Point. Go class of 2015!
  • Brace Face

    Brace Face
    I had to get braces and I really didn't want to! Then again, i would much rather have straight teeth.
  • Packers take the Super Bowl!

    Packers take the Super Bowl!
    The Packers have always been my family's favorite NFL team. So it was really exciting to see them win the Super Bowl again!
  • San Diego baby!

    San Diego baby!
    My 11 year old cousin, Norah, is an amazing gymnast. Her biggest meet of the year, Nationals, was in San Diego California. I was so glad to go and see her get first, national champion!