My life as a PrepaTec student

Timeline created by Renata3014
  • When I first met the Tec

    When I first met the Tec
    My secundary school had chosen only one third year student to take part in an event at Tec called "Los líderes del mañana" (tomorrow's leaders), and tanks to the performance I'd obtained, they chose me. I remember it was amazing, the carneros planed a lot of interesting and fun activities for us to get to know the school very well. Since that moment, I felt in love with Tec's vibe and I started to look for more information about how to get in by my own.
  • The admission exam

    The admission exam
    I've already researched everything about how to get into Tec, and finally, after all the long process it involved (having to write my curriculum with nothing interesting to tell about) the day had finally arrived. I was going to take my admission exam. I was SO nervous, but my dad was always by my side and it made me feel a little more confident. The exam was about 2 hours long, and I remember I left some blank answers because I was loosing my knowledge because of my nervousness.
  • The results

    The results
    The effort I put on the exam was nothing compared to the feeling of being in a waiting room seated down waiting for my results. I got into Astrid Garnica's office, she was the chosed one to let me now if my dream was going to come true. And as you can guess, YES! I passed the exam. I was so happy and exited, I did not know everything that I know now.
  • The "first" day

    The "first" day
    Before the actual first day of classes, Tec organized an event called "Día 1" where you were supposed to know your semester teachers and classmates. That day I was alone :( I knew anybody, but luckly I found my first friend called "Samantha", I also learned how to get into important places such as my classrooms, the cafeteria and yeah, you know, the bathroom.
  • The real first day

    The real first day
    I was SO nervous (again), I remember this day was a little tired, too much information in a very short time. I made new friends, I was loving my teachers, I got lost... and I started to realize that Tec's life was not going to be easy. Remember that when I arrived home, the first thing I did was fall asleep.
  • My final exams

    My final exams
    After all the stress and all the tears I droped, everything was nothing compared with the final exams. Science and Maths were the most complicated for everyone, I was scared of not have been enough to pass the semester. Fortunately, my english exam was not that hard, as I'm not that bad on languages, Science, on its side, was rude tho, probably was the worst grade for me, but I was surprised about my grade on Maths, a gorgeous hundred. I was shocked. Finally everythin went well.
  • The second semester

    The second semester
    I've signed myself on Tec for the next semester. Everything was going well until May, 2020. Coronavirus had everyone worried about. Tec canceled face-to-face classes and we have to move to online ones on Zoom. The hardest part of this was getting used to work on a closed environment and of course, having to say goobye to everything we were used to: friends, parties, going out for an ice cream...
  • The come back

    The come back
    Even tho sometimes online classes seems to be easier and more confortable, I really miss all those vibes, my friends and having a real connection with my teachers. Hopefully we are going to come back soon, but next semester sounds too optimistic to be real, but if we care, maybe this could be archieved.
  • My goals for high school

    My goals for high school
    Since I have not done any LiFE activity nor any campaign or important participation in Hidalmun or First yet, I would like to expand my horizons by signing up to more activities and courses like that, leave my fear out so then, when I finish high school my curriculum will be interesting and I will be ready for university, being a human who has archieved all its goals, I can say that it is my dream for now.