my life (adam gauci)

  • My Birth

    My Birth
    I was born at Westmed Hospital in NSW.
    Westmed was developed on 10th november 1978.
    It's one of the largest hospital cameses in australia and it serves about 43% of the population in sydney.
  • Broke my arm.

    Broke my arm.
    My aunty and uncle were building a pool and i was walking around it and i must have fell over on a rock and broke my arm parents didnt notice till a little bit later when my arm was swelling.
  • Kindigarten

    Date is unsure. started kindigarten in, NSW.
  • Started Preschool

    Started Preschool
    unsure where at this moment. Nsw
  • Moved to QLD

    Moved to QLD
    day unsure. moved to QLD, to Karana Downs.
    I was unsure about the move, didn't know weather to be happy or sad, because i didnt know if ill see my friends again, so i was a bit edgy.
  • Started School at OLR Kenmore

    Started School at OLR Kenmore
    8 weeks later or something like that, from moving to QLD, had to start at a catholic school, because of law. Did 2 weeks the next year then moved again. I hated OLR with a burning passion...
  • Moved to Mt. Crosby State School

    Moved to Mt. Crosby State School
    Moved from OLR, to MTCSS after the start of the year. Beagan yr2
    The school has been operating for 131yrs this year (2013)
  • Started playing Rugby League

    Started playing Rugby League
    dates unsure.
    Started to play Rugby League at Karalee Tornadoes.
    started U7's.
    The club this year is only 19years old.
    the club was destroyed in the 2010/11 floods and the ground was un playabl for a long time but recived funding and was restored quickly.
  • Brother Born

    Brother Born
    My brother was born in, a hospital in brisbane Qld.
  • Bulied photo

    Bulied photo
  • Period: to

    buillied through primiary

    went through primary being bullied alot.
  • dark times, photo

    dark times, photo
  • Period: to

    dark times. (depresssion)

    with my brother having disorder such as autism, parents were trying to get him back on track for school and all, which more attaention i guess was on him and with the bullying i slowly dveloped depression over the years. Hence Dark times. Only i knew about it, i hid it as best i can. only a very very small amount of people actually know not including my family...
  • stoped rugby played baseball

    stoped rugby played baseball
    i stoped playing rugby to play baseball to change up the sports a bit. i played for Tivoli Musketers.
  • Broke my arm

    Broke my arm
    Broke my arm for the first time in a very long time, i was playing handball at school and i full on dived for the ball and i got the guy out but broke my arm in the process.
  • Baseball Rep

    Baseball Rep
    I was so good at base ball i started representing southeast Qld and Southen QLD.
  • Broken Arm again

    Broken Arm again
    I broke the same ar for the second time in the same place on my birthday, i was riding my new ripstick with my mates and i went into the garage but there was a oil patch on the floor and the whell slipped and i fell over and using my right hand to stop the fall i broke it in the same place.
  • Graduated from MTCSS

    Graduated from MTCSS
    i finally graduated from primary school at Mt. Crosby State School.
  • photo of SPCC

    photo of SPCC
  • Period: to

    Started High School: St. Peter Claver College

    http://www.spcc.qld.edu.au/ Started my first day at High school at claver and so far it has been a great life after i got through yr8 and most of yr. 9 current year, 11.
    St. Peter Claver was founded in 1976.
  • Played rugby again

    Played rugby again
    i stop playing baseball cause it got really boring so i went back to rugby league.
  • special someone photo

    special someone photo
  • Period: to

    Special Someone: helped each other (present)

    I met someone very important in my life, after a while we opened up to eachother and she told me she had depression to,i didnt say anything ive been helping her battle it and get better which made me feel 100 times better and only recently ive told her the truth now were closer together like never before.
  • Hospital: Pneumonia (Died)

    Hospital: Pneumonia (Died)
    I had pneumonia which developed from a cold and asthma was involed. the pneumonia covered both my lungs and my heart which mad it extremly hard to breath and the littlest movent would trigger high blood pressure. went to a hospital and i ended up dying for a few seconds at sait andrews hospital before been transported to ipswich hospital, i had flashbacks in that momentary death.
  • Out of hospital:

    Out of hospital:
    2 weeks later, After been monitered and had a drug to decrease the pneumonia, i was realesed from hospital, now im emune to it.
  • Future

    One year after school, i would like to be in tafe studying a few more certifics in fitness, sport and rec, electronics and maybe woodwork, hopefully by then soon i could move out and rent an appartment somwhere close by.