My Life

  • My Birthday

    On October 2nd, 1999 I was born in rochester, MN to my parrents Timothy and Stephanie, and my brother Avery Simmons.
  • Period: to

    My Life So Far

  • Moved

    When I was three we decided to move from downtown Winona to Goodview. We moved because the old house was getting, well, old. We still live in Goodview, even though we have most of our relatives live in the Rochester area.
  • Started School at Bluffview

    In 2003, I started school at Bluffview Montessori School. This school was both good for me and bad. Sometimes I wish I would have gone through the Middle School but then the school also did some great things for people who went through there. I feel like people who go to bluffview have received some discrimination from other kids who went through “traditional” school.
  • First Started Sports

    In the beginning of July 2005 I joined Tee-ball and started my journey into my now crazy life filled with sports. In the year of 2005 I also started playing Soccer through the Winona YMCA in the “happy feet” program for soccer, and basketball on their youth basketball team.
  • Mexico Vacation

    In 2006 my aunt got married and chose to have her wedding in Mexico. We stayed at a fancy hotel and got to sit by the pool and swim in the Atlantic Ocean. Even though I don’t remember this vacation wedding very well, I remember bits and pieces of it and from what I remember it was a really fun time.
  • Jun 16 2007, Broke My Arm

    During Steamboat days of 2007 I broke my right arm while I was riding my bike, then again later that summer, I broke the same arm again. That summer was one of the longest summers I’ve had because I couldn’t do the normal summer things, including anything to do with water.
  • Roadtrip To Texas

    In the summer of 2012 we rented a car and we drove from Minnesota to Texas and back during a summer vacation with our Grandma. We did a loop down to Arkansas, hit a texas roadhouse steak shop in Texas and spent the night and then went to Oklahoma the next day and then came home. This trip was really fun, even though we stopped at some pretty sketchy gas stations on the way down
  • Grandpa Passed

    Early last summer my grandpa was diagnosed with cancer and passed away shortly after. He wasn’t the type to go into the hospital for anything, but he had something that was wrong with him and he lived the last years just saying he was getting old, or denying anything was wrong. Eventually his kids convinced him to go into the hospital to see what was going on and saw that he had fast spreading pancreatic cancer. We lived the last bit of time with him in his home in Rochester.
  • Started WSHS

    This year I started my first year at the Winona Senior High School. I’ve made many new friends and also lost a few old ones, but mostly all for the good. The school is different from my previous schooling experiences, but this school year has been my favorite year as far as school goes.