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  • Born

    I was born at 5:35 in the morning of May 10, 2005. I was then given the name by my mom Aimee Elizabeth Jordan.
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    My first day of school

    My first day of school. I was so scared that I was crying and holding onto my moms leg and she tried to get me off so she could go to work.
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    My old sport

    I did a sport before. I did softball. I was second, short stop, third, first base. I did a little bit of catcher but I couldn't do it cause I got to hot to play it.
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    School switch

    Not the first, and not the last but the school I had before I came here was the longest I stay in one school. Before I went to my old school I went to four other schools to see if they were what I was wanting to help me, and to see if they were what I was really wanting to learn about at the time. To learn what I wanted learn, none of then had what I needed for me.
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    After I got out of school I came here to Arkansas. It took me one day to get here. I've been living with my grandma and my grandpa for the time being.
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    High School

    When I first came into the school I was really nervous cause I thought everyone would be mean cause of north Carolina. i was wrong everyone is nice and I have new friends.
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    Today. It's still going so I can't put that I had a good day yet. I can say that today will be a good day.