• Day of my born

    Day of my born
    This was the day I was born in the beautiful city of Risaralda Pereira at 9 in the morning.
  • my two years

    my two years
    At two years of age my older brother was years old that day in the company my dad worked for, he took a walk in which we went and there were large pools and animation dolls like Spongebob and although I was very small I remember some things from that day I had a lot of fun.
  • day my sister was born

    day my sister was born
    That day my youngest sister was born, it was a day full of a lot of stress for my mother, but in the end everything turned out very well.
  • two years later

    two years later
    When my little sister was two years old, I was 5 years old and my brother was 7 years old and we went for the first time to visit my grandparents in Sincelejo, it was very cool, although it was very hot and for me at that time it was very annoying because I was small.
  • we moved to another city

    we moved to another city
    This year we came to live in Cartagena because my father was transferred for his job and because the climate here would do me good for my health since I suffered from asthma.
  • I started studying

    I started studying
    When I got to Cartagena I told my mother that I wanted to study and they enrolled me in a very nice school.
  • they changed me from school

    they changed me from school
    This year they changed my school because the school where I was studying they were going to remove it so my parents decided to transfer me to the school that was in front I was going to make a change a bit quite drastic because I was studying at a school that paid a lot of attention and the school where I was going to study had a very bad reputation and was public.
  • my 5th grade graduation

    my 5th grade graduation
    When I was 11 I graduated from the fifth grade, the graduation was for the same date as my birthday so after my graduation, we went to Turbaco to celebrate my birthday and my graduation that day was very cool because there were all my favorite foods and I shared a very pleasant day with family and friends of the family.
  • my 15 years

    my 15 years
    The truth is that I have few friends so I did not want a party of fifteen years, I just wanted a photo studio but my mother contacted my friends and they made me a surprise party, I had a great time after a few days I went to do my photo studio it was very nice and special for me.
  • my 11th grade graduation

    my 11th grade graduation
    For me, graduation from grade 11 was a very special day for me since I had achieved one of my most important goals in life in principle of many more things,How to start studying what I want to work and achieve my goals in the medium and long term.
  • Now

    Well, now I am studying English, something that I wanted a lot, I really like learning languages ​​so from a certain age I began to practice English, Korean and Italian on my own but it was not enough.Because I felt that I needed help and now I have it because I am studying English, which also interests me a lot since I plan to study flight attendants.