My Life

By cac423
  • My Birthday

    My Birthday
    This is the day I was born on.
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    My Life

  • The 9/11 Attacks

    On this day, terrorists killed around four thousand people in the World Trade Center, NYC. This would have a profound effect on the world I, and later my brother, would grow up in.
  • My Brother's Birthday

    My Brother's Birthday
    This is the day my brother was born, just over 2 months after 9/11.
  • Moving to our New House

    Moving to our New House
    This is the day we moved to our new house, and that's where we've lived since.
  • Going to Disney World

    Going to Disney World
    On this day, we went to Walt Disney World in Florida for one week. We had an amazing tine and saw many attractions att all four parks, of which Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom was my favorite.
  • My 13'th Birthday

    I finally became a teenager on that day, which was my 13'th birthday, 2 years ago
  • Me at the Science Fair

    Me at the Science Fair
    I scored third place in Earth Science at ECU, the best I had ever gotten. I was very happy at this accomplishment.
  • Ethan's 9'th Birthday

    My brother's 9'th birthday was then, a strict reminder that he's greowing up, and soon, will be a tenager like me.
  • Our Golf Cart

    This is the date we acquired our most recent golf cart. It's a 1987 E-Z-GO 3-wheeler, and both my brother and I think it's the best golf cart we've ever had.
  • I Get my Permit

    I scored my permit on this date. It's abig milestone: I can now start to legally drive (with parents, of course!)