My Life

  • My first female friend

    Because around that time growing up all girls had cooties
  • My first girlfriend

    Not only was she my first girlfriend she was always my first kiss
  • My grandmother moved back to North Carolina

    I was so sad that day because i didnt even get to say goodbye to her, but at least twice a year i go to see her
  • first time on a basketball team

    i made the basketball team around the age of 9 i didnt really know to much about that sport back in the day like i do right now but i enjoyed being on a team and i played shoting guard
  • First time being on the honor roll

    It felt good to be on the honor because it was my first time being on the honor roll and i knew i could do it again it
  • First Bestfriend/Brother

    we not actually brothers, but blood couldn't make us any closer. Till this day thats the one person i can actually call a friend
  • first time on a football team

    i always wanted to play football i love the sport like no other but as a kid i really didnt get a chance to play but around the age of 10 my first chance came around i played for the northeast chargers i was a wide receiver
  • I got accepted into Poly

    this was one of the most proudest days of my life i never felt more accomplished a day in my life i called and told everyone the great news
  • poly's football team

    i made poly's football team as a freshman i played wide receiver i had at least 8 touchdowns that year
  • 8th grade graduation

    i was happy because i was moving on to a new chapter in life and also i couldnt wait to attend poly
  • i moved to freetown

    this was a life changing move for me because i had to move from the city i grew up in which is baltimore but i like it out here now
  • i set my eyes on the most beautiful female i ever seen

    this might be the only real date from my life i remember i was coming into work one day usual when i spot girl sitting down now i have really never seen before so i asked my boss who she was? She tells me thats our new worker her name is taylor so since that day i have been trying to get with her. She is very beautiful, smart, hard working, fun, silly girl that i would like to be with. I have liked her for 8 months now and i really do think i have a shot