my life

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  • top music when i was born

    top 10 music in 1996 these were the top 10 song that were populer in my year
  • born 20th of september

    st Andrew hosptital i was born on the 20th september 1996, when i was born i had breathing proplem and that i got my first groment in my ear in 1996
  • 2 nd lots of gronmemts

    i had to go be back into the hospital because i had to get it done again because my first lots of groments they fell out of my ea soo i had to get new ones
  • started pres-school

    i started pres-school in 2001 but that was bad year for me because one of the teacher was pulling me by the ear and pulled me everywhere
  • started dancing

    i started ballant in 2002 and i did that for year because i didnt really like doing ballet but i kept doing it but i had to do a soul all by myself that was cool because cute back then
  • sarted pres-school again

    i had tio start pres-school agian because i was to young to go to grade 1 and i was not ready for grade 1, mum and dad had to kept my down it was sad but god at the sometime and in 2002 i went to blackstone that was the best pres school to go to because they were nice people and awseome to hang out with.
  • started to play hockey

    in 2003 i started to play hockey because i wanted to try it because mum played hockey for whole life and so i tryed it and i like my frist team i played for was west they were cool and yeah
  • got into under 11 for ipswich team

  • at year 5 camp i almost got bitting by sake

    in 2005 on grade 5 camp that my friend and i were putting suncream on at the end of the block we were staying out and there was a snake and its was coming towares to my friend and i and it was coming to bit us but we didnt know if it was there so we ran to get a teacher and the teacher got someone to kill.
  • started grade 7

    i was scared when i started grade seven i dont know what to do because it was my last year before i go to high school and but it was a good because i got oxley vice captian and stutnet coanccail and it was cool because i was soo happy but that was the year of my life
  • got into jnr elite at St Peter Claver College

    i was soo happy i got into jnr elite because i love to dance and that i had soo much fun that team we won every dance thing and we had a good team
  • started high school

    when i walking in to the gateds at St Peter Claver College i was scared because it was a new school and i didnt know where to go and i couldnt find my friend and then i gto used to the school and had fun and made new friend i like this school now
  • got jnr elite in 2012

    i got into jnr elite again because i am good at dancing but we won every dance thing because we have amazing dacnin at this school
  • won grand final for hockey

    that was amazing day for me beause we playing hockey and were working as team and we a had the best time because that team we vs we ever beat them though out the hockey season and that day and we fanily beat them and i was soo happy i couldnt get a smile off my face and GO THRISLES
  • got into under 18s

    i got into ipswich rep team for under 18 it was amazing because we were at the gold coast and we had a good time then th coach didnt care my injuny because i hurt it when i was running she didnt put ice on it and then there didnt help me walk to the bus or anything like that
  • went to see reecemastin in concert

    it was amazing because i was gouing to see reece mastin and i it was azming because i was going to see him with my bestfriend chloe she like my wife and and chloe made a sign and he look at our sign and i lost my voice and it was amazing night i want to go again and I LOVE REECEMASTIN
  • my futune

    i want to become a personaly traning and go off and traning the Austtralianros or get in the Australia hockey team and go around the world with them and have fun and go out partying and have fun