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My life =)

  • My Birth

    My Birth
    On May 12, 1989 was born an amazing boy named Carlos Alberto Izquierdo Padilla in Merida Yucatan, where I lived a short time, shortly after I was born, we came to live here in CanCun, where I have been living for a long time
  • The Sandwich

    The Sandwich
    I have two extraordinary sisters and I am the child one, my eldest sister has been married for three months, and my youngest sister has been studying Gastronomy for one year.
  • Dream team

    Dream team
    I study elementary school and my high scool in Valladolid School, where participated in all sports events.
  • The Life of the parties

    The Life of the parties
    In high school I used to be shy, but my great sense of humour and my charisma helped me to adquire self confidence and now I can say that I am the life of the parties.
  • Cuba

    I want to Cuba for a family trip. This was unforgettable because we learned about different culture. The transport connections there are very funny because the shapes of the busses are different.
  • Strike three....... OUT

    Strike three....... OUT
    Unfortunately in high school, I should have paid more attention because I repeated for two years.
  • Missions

    An incredible achievement was the opportunityto be in Missions, and I hope go for the rest of my life.
  • Vince in bono malum

    Vince in bono malum
    I selected the Anahuac University to study my career because I think it is an amazing school. For example, it helped me develop my sport skills and my self discipline.
  • My Family

    My Family
    I can say that I have an extraordinary family, we are very close and now we are waiting for the new member of the family.
  • Masters in Marketing

    Masters in Marketing
    I plan to travel to Spain, where I am going to do my Masters in Marketing.