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My Life

By pboat
  • Parents Married

  • Period: to


  • Born Marion, SC

    Born Marion, SC
  • Moved to Florence, SC

  • Kimberly Born

    Kimberly Born
  • Started school Florence Christian School

  • Moved to my Grandmothers*

    She loved me and cared for me. We watched tv together and talked. She would make me chocolate chip cookies and teach me how to cook.
  • Moved to Lake City

    Beginning of my second longest time living in one place
  • Started Videogrpahy

    Learned in a gifted and talented class. Started producing videos and leading people
  • Began writing and discovered love for books

    Use to kill the Accelerated Reader program. Personal Pizza anyone?
  • Left religion

    Started hanging with the wrong crowd. Went to church but wanted nothing to do with Jesus.
  • First Makeout

  • Academic Challenge Team Pres/Footballer

  • Began HS

  • Broke wrist/surgery

  • Moved to Columbia, SC

  • Gave up football

  • Met Jon Silver*

    Met Jon Silver*
    Instant friend. He came to visit my house after we visited this church. He was awesome.
  • First job, Sonic Drive In

    I scrubbed the ground.Literally. The only other person who did it was mentally retarded. I was 15 so it was the only job I could get. haha. They just started serving breakfast and we had to wear bright yellow shirts, their largest size was a medium. Not good, think bright skittle scrubbing the ground.
  • My aunt kitty moved in

    My aunt kitty moved in
    Took some needed attention away from me. Kinda got lost in the mix. pic: Kim, Kitty (32), her daughter Jadah (6)
  • My uncle Tyga (tiger) moved in

    Further lost in the mix. He was 3 years older than me. We were more like brothers growing up. Lives in Hawaii now as a Marine. Two daughters, divorced.
  • Became senior in HS

    Became senior in HS
    Skipped junior year.
  • Second job, Mcalister's Deli

    Worked hard, got employee of the montha few times. Did everything.
  • End of womanizing

    Christ took over my life. Started radical change.
  • My first car

    Ford Probe. My aunt Kitty's old car repainted and given to me for Christmas.
  • My first car wreck

    Didnt take me long to wreck haha
  • Graduated HS

    Irmo HS Irmo, SC
  • First Mission Trip, Costa Rica*

    First Mission Trip, Costa Rica*
    First look at poverty and international travel. Changed my life. Also started a band called Oreo, you want to know that story.
  • Began Youth Ministry

    Started teaching, counseling, started diff minstries.
  • Summer Camp at Bob Cooper*

    Met worship leader Chris White. Start a great friendship
  • Broadcast Journalism Major, USC

    I only applied to two schools. USC and Columbia University. I was bent on college in NY. Declined. So state school I went.
  • Met Katie Newman

    Met Katie Newman
    First haavy crush, so in love.
  • Transferred to Columbia International University

    Majored in Youth Ministry. Decided I wanted to do ministry full-time. I couldnt see myself living a life not helping others.
  • Met Nick Cunnigham and Trevor Miller

    Met Nick Cunnigham and Trevor Miller
    My eventual brothers
  • Katie Newman Breaks My Heart*

    Never felt heartache before that. Promised myself to be very cautious and never be hurt like that again.
  • Camp Bob Cooper Counselor

    Would end up spending much time here.
  • Megan Elizabeth Born

    Megan Elizabeth Born
  • Hule Goddard Begins Mentoring Me*

    Hule Goddard Begins Mentoring Me*
    AMAZING man of god. has changed my life
  • New Job: LifeWay Christian Bookstore

  • Trevor, Nick, and I move into a little blue house

    Trevor, Nick, and I move into a little blue house
    The start of the greatest summer of my entire life.
  • Camp Bob Cooper AV Director

  • Almost drowned in a lake

    Hilarious story
  • Worked a firework stand

  • Worship Leader

    Camp in Kershaw, SC. First full worship gig. So nervous
  • Started a skate ministry

  • Began Senior Yr

  • New Job: Freight Handler

    Worked the dock on a trucking company loading trucks
  • Internship Prep for Cali

    Was going to intern with a church in Burbank.
  • Cali Internship Collapses

  • Reconnect with Chris White

    Worship leader from camp in 2003. Now worship leader at church in Colorado. Puts me in touch with Steve Dovey current youth pastor.
  • Started talking to Kim Jamieson

    Started talking to Kim Jamieson
    Notable woman in my life, long story.
  • Settle Indiana Internship

    Settle Indiana Internship
    Move to Indiana to intern with Trevor's father, Phil. Dayton UMC, Dayton, IN
  • Mars Hill Conference*

    Clear call that I was supposed to go to Denver and wouldnt go alone.
  • Invite Stephen to Denver

    Invite Stephen to Denver
  • Indiana Internship Ends

    and things with Kim Jamieson
  • Graduation Ceremony

    Walked but no diploma, a semster to finish. Decided not to take out anymore debt. And that Colorado was where I was supposed to go.
  • AV Director, Camp Bob Cooper

    Easy money, old contacts. Stephen and I worked, met Jen and Abigail.
  • Began dating Jen*

    Began dating Jen*
    Liked her bunch. I gave more than she did. Parents we're not supportive or happy.
  • Moved to Denver

    Moved to Denver
    We packed it up and headed 1600 miles west.
  • Job: School Photographer

  • Took over as Youth Pastor

    Creekside Church Centennial, CO
  • AV Technician

  • Laid off as AV Tech

  • Elementary School Janitor

  • Church turnaround

  • Called Home

  • Odd Jobs/Deli

  • Started Photography

  • One Thread Envisioned

  • Job: Ashley

  • One Thread Proj Nic Launched

  • Emailed the One