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my life

  • I was born, to Patrick and Katrina Oxford

    I was born, to Patrick and Katrina Oxford
    To day was my day of birth. I was nine pounds seven ounces and was 21 inches long.
  • My first high school boyfriend

    My first high school boyfriend
    Jason Morris Fults, asked me to be his girlfriend at one o clock in the morning, after a band competition in Friendswood. We stayed together for seven months. we broke up on Friday May 11 2012. we are still really great friends.
  • My first hmecoming

    My first hmecoming
    Jason asked me to home coming in the middle of the rotunda on September 29. We went to eat a chilis on Mason rd with his cousin enn and his date katie.
  • My fifteenth birthday

    My fifteenth birthday
    I had a last minute party but it was a blast. Michael hicks put of a dress, and went to Steak and Shake at 2 in the morning.
  • Made varsity Volleyball

    Made varsity Volleyball
    The varsity coach called me at nine thirty that night and told me she wanted me to be on her varsity team and not jv.