My life

  • US congress passes comunications decency act

    This attempt to block inaproprite images on the internet failed.
  • I was born

    My parents were expecting a girl so i got the mane chris because it is short for christopher (my name now) or christina witch is what my name would be if i was a girl.
  • Period: to

    my life

  • The worlds second largest cash robbery in Charlotte NC

    17million dollors was stolen.
  • I got my first RC car.

    It got me interested in electronics. Also it was defective I could only turn left.
  • The Euro is introduced

    They Planed to have all currency transferred to it by 2000.
  • We got our house we live in today

    We lived at our grandmas house for 4 years we got the house as a present for the new melinium.
  • We got our dog Sandy

    I thought Jack Russels were known for intelligence.
  • 9/11

    Twin towers fell that day millions dead darkest day in American history.
  • Mars odyssey starts to map Mars

    The space probe begins to map the surface of mars.
  • My brother Brandon was Born

    His first words was "It was him".
  • I start kindergarden

    I could multiply and divide before I even started kindergarden with no preschool.
  • Libya travel ban is lifted after 27 years

    This was because peace with Libya was very close.
  • My brother Alex was born

    He is a clone of Brandon if you asked me.
  • YouTube is used in the US

    This site aside from entertainment also made it possible to see what other countries look like from you home.
  • US president visits Franklinton NC

    He was going to visit the Franklinton reaserch for new fuels.
  • US elects first black president

    President Barrock Obama leads healthcare reforms is to me the biggest point of his Presidency.
  • The Franklinton wildfires nearly set fire to our house.

    If the fire within throwing distance of my grannies house touched my grannies house her bottles of oxygen would be like a bomb.
  • My grandma dies

    She was a woman who would never ever hurt anything that lived plants included we need more pepole like her.
  • I had seizure

    The test said it was completely random there was nothing that showed it was going to happen.
  • Osama Bin Laden was killed

    In his death place they found a 9/11 tenth anniversary attack planned at a train station.