• birth

  • Period: to


  • Got baptised

  • first time on plane

    went to the phillipines
  • First dog

  • Birth of my sister

  • started attending sunday school

  • Kindergarten

    first year of school
  • Second dog

  • Third dog

  • Move into new house

  • fourth dog

  • Earned blackbelt

  • second time on plane

    went to vancouver
  • First taekwondo touranment

  • First communion

  • Final year at old school

  • Started doing taekwondo

  • fifth dog

    I've had lots of dogs. Only have the fifth and fourth dog now,
  • First real instrument

    first drum set!
  • First year at st maurice

    grade six was my first year at sms
  • Move into new house

  • First year of junior high

  • Taught sunday school

  • Conformation

  • Stopped doing taekwondo

  • Birth of baby brother

  • first year of highschool

  • Moved into newly built house

  • Started volunteering at hospital

  • Flight to Disneyland!

  • Art featured on website

  • Beginners liscense

  • Art got onto front page of website