my life

By wilfar1
  • Period: to


  • rollerblade

    i made it my goal to teach myself how to rollerblade.
  • finish school

    as a child one of my goals was to finish school.
  • gameboy

    one of my greatest dreams as a child was to own a gameboy advance.
  • grades

    grades were important to me when i was young, because my parents told me they were.
  • finish high school

    one of my main goals throughout my high school carreer was to be done with high school.
  • Period: to

    high school

  • snowboard

    i never really wanted to snowboard until freshman year when my friends took me snowboarding with them.
  • activity

    i am a generally lazy person and have made it my ongoing goal to stay active.
  • car

    a dream of mine is to own my own car so i don't need to be dependant on others to drive me places.
  • Period: to

    post high school

  • job

    i would like to have a nice carreer out of college but i would also like to have a part time job while in college to pay for things like gas, food, etc.
  • house

    i want to buy a house and live on my own for a little after college
  • marriage

    i would like to be married
  • children

    i would like to have children and raise a family.
  • Period: to

    young adulthood

  • money

    i would like to have enough money to support me and my family
  • bills

    i do not want to get behind on my bills and get stressed
  • family

    i want to raise my children to be succesful
  • food

    i want to be able to provide a healthy diet not only to me but to my whole family.
  • activity

    i would want to still be an active person and not end up having many medical issues