My life

By Gouka
  • birth

    I was born september 16, 1994 in oskaloosa IA.
  • Period: to


    A school prodject to put down events of my life on a timeline, and then predict what is going to happen
  • First word

    First word
    It was "Dada"
  • YMCA Preschool/daycare

    YMCA Preschool/daycare
    i got thrown into preschool litterally kicking and screaming into preschool/daycare, where i litterally did nothing.
  • First grade

    First grade
    My mother put me into first grade. Mainly because i count read well after being homeschooled for the original first grade year.
  • Shovel attack

    Shovel attack
    Out digging a hole for no reason, my brother "accidently" hits me on the brige of the nose with a shovel. the day before school pictures.
  • The Hunt

    The Hunt
    The day i got my first PS2, which came along with the game Monster Hunter. It was fun at first play.
  • Started sketching and inproving

    Started sketching and inproving
    I began to sketch alot more then usual and over the course of the year, my drt style would develope and flourish.
  • Rise of Dwarf Fortress

    Rise of Dwarf Fortress
    The day i found Dwarf Fortress, and like much of the DF comunity, my maleviolence toward the elven race began, and i quickly started learning.
  • Audiophile

    My love for music began to blossum, and soon i was inseperable from my ipod, or having th speakers set below medium volume.
  • Discovered DevientArt

    Discovered DevientArt
    The day i made my Devientart account. 3667 hits later and im still at it.
  • Ironforge

    The fortress that set me onto the right path for general designs. Lost in a version update, it could have easily rivaled horrorsdeep as my greatest fortress.
  • Horrorsdeep

    My first sucessful fortress in Dwarf fortress, it would live on to survive for 14 years, and fall to an incursion of demons from digging too deep.
  • The Rise of Zastashnokzam

    The Rise of Zastashnokzam
    The fortress Zastashnokzam rises as my first mega prodject fortress, and begins the grand tale my blog is centered on.
  • I made an awsome timeline

    I made an awsome timeline
    Because i did.
  • Horrors from the deep

    Horrors from the deep
    I conqure Hell in Dwarf fortress, and proceed to build my main fortress hanging in there, suspended from the celling
  • First Job

    First Job
    Im not too picky, but it either has to do with computers, art, or both.
  • Graduation

    The day i graduate Highschool, and moove onto collage
  • College

    Going to a school for 3D desighn and programmin
  • Hired

    Hired by some game company as either a programmer or a desgner.
  • Batchler pad

    Batchler pad
    Me and my friend move in together to pool our funds and have a hell of a time.