my life

  • i was born

    i was born
    i was born in Iowa in the room next to my cusin who is a day oldwe.
  • i still lived with my real mom

    i still lived with my real  mom
    this was the last month of me living with my real mom in Iowa
  • moving day

    moving day
    this is the day i moved in with my aunt and uncle to Arkansas
  • moved back to Iowa

    moved back to Iowa
    we moved back when i was 2 years old. we lived in Des Monies
  • 4 years old

    4 years old
    i went to live with my grandma and started preschool
  • kindergarten

    finally school starts
  • stitches

    i got pushed into a stand in the hall at school
  • i get them out

    i get them out
    in the summer of going to !st grade i get my stitches out
  • moving

    i moved to Oskaloosa in 7th grade

    i got a new puppie names Jasper
  • starte high school

    starte high school
    high school freshman year
  • cancer

    my g-pa got lung cancer
  • doing timetoast

    doing timetoast
    teacher is making us do this lol
  • jasper

    he is 10 months today
  • done with high school

    done with high school
    no more school!!
  • thinking

    takng 2years to at a community collage to think about what i wanna be
  • collage

    finally picking a collage to be a vet. going to Globe state
  • more school

    more school
    be done with college and start vet school. then go to AVMA
  • marry

    i get married
  • no more school!

    no more school!
    done with school for good