My life

By Han861
  • I was Born

    I was born on October 1 ,1999, I am the middle childof three boys
  • Learned to walk

    I learned to walk at the age of 1 it was hard but i still learned to do it.
  • moved to Egypt

    I moved to Egypt at the age of five,and lived there for five years.
  • The Pyramids

    My first time seeing the pyramids was fun because i climbed up one rock and took a picture standing there
  • Came back to Canada.

    I moved back to canada on the 1st of janurary 2010 . it was cold when i arrived to canada and i did`nt have a jacket.
  • New School

    I went to a school called Settlers Green P.S in grade five and i went to school for 2 years Grade 5 to 6
  • Graduation

    I graduated from grade six in 2011 because Settlers Green went up to grade six.
  • Ruth Thomson Middle School

    My first year at Ruth Thomson middle school in grade seven and i hope it`s a good school .