My Journey

  • When i was born

    When i was born
    On the 28th of July 12:04pm Monday afternoon my mum gave birth to her daughter Teigan Paige Jolly. At the Ipswhich Hospital
  • My sibling

    My sibling
    When i was born i was the youngest, i have a 1 year old sister her name is Natasha, i have a 6 year old sister her name is Candice and i have a 8 year old brother his name is Joshua but everyone calls him JJ. I was pretty lucky to have 3 older sibling who look out for me and even if they dont show it i know they love me and would do anything for me and thats what older sibling are suppose to do.
  • I started daycare

    I started daycare
    This was my first day at daycare, this was my first ever day without having mum next to me
  • I started preschool

    I started preschool
    The day i started perschool i was feeling scared, anxious, nervous because i had no idea what was happening. I was getting closer and closer to school and i kind of knew that things were going to get harder, like no more naps during the day, actually doing work like writting and maths. Because in daycare all we did was play, eat and sleep thats it, so i didnt really know how i was going to cope with it
  • My first dance class

    My first dance class
    My parents took my sister and myself to our very first dancing lesson, it went ok but i never continued it.
  • I started grade 1

    I started grade 1
    This was a very exciting day, my first day of going to school
  • My Primary School

    My Primary School
    Redbank State School, is 148 years old this year. My whole family went to this school and i can see why my parents chose this school, it has a great choir and band, and we do pretty good when it comes to sports. Natasha (my older sister) and myself were known as the swimming sisters and we still are. Redbank State School has about 230 students, i know thats small but that was pretty big for me because as a six year old your not use to that many people.
  • My parents took me to my first singing lesson

    My parents took me to my first singing lesson
    I couldnt thank my parents enough for taking me to singing lessons, i loved it and it was amazing!!
  • My first ever swimming lesson

    My first ever swimming lesson
    Swimming came naturally to me and my sister, after only 6 weeks of lessons only doing 3 lessons a week my dad entered my sister and myself in the club championship, this was for the club that swims there it's called Woogaroo Swimming Cub. I swam 4 swims and ended up getting age champion, i was so happy with myself i ended up staying at Woogaroo for a while
  • My niece was born

    My niece was born
    On the 13th of January 2008, my oldest foster sister Sandy had a baby girl called Mia Paddell. Mia is my parents first grandchild and we love her to bits.
  • Went down to canberra

    Went down to canberra
    When i was in grade 6, our school let the grade 7s and grade 6s go down to Canberra for a week it was great because this meant i could go down with my older sister Natasha. This was the best experience ever and that was the first time i saw snow and got to touch it. To top it all off we got to have a snow ball fight and then got our picture taken on top of the mountain. It was a breath taking experience and also it was a once in a life time experience.
  • Went down to Melbourne

    Went down to Melbourne
    Every two years my family and I go down to Melbourne to see my dads side of the family, its great going down there because we get to see so many different things while we are there. One time i remember going to this go karting place and it had lazer tag there and putt putt golf and it was also the first time i went on a go kart, i was even tall enough to go on by myself and of coruse i won the race. But i think my dad let me win.
  • i finished primary school and was ready for high school

    i finished primary school and was ready for high school
    I was so happy that i finished primary school, but i was so scared about going to high school, i think the only thing that got me through the holidays was that Natasha me older sister was going to be in Grade 9. Mum made Tasha look after me on the second day back so i could handle 800 students and so i didnt get lost.
  • First year of going to Met West

    First year of going to Met West
    2010 was the first year of realising that i was good at swimming and it showed when i went to met west, i was so happy that i took my swimming to the next level and at that time if you had made it to met west in swimming you were consider a really good swimming. But i didnt have to face it alone because i had my older sister Natasha there she was 14 at the time and it was great sharing that experinece with her.
  • My Nephew was born

    My Nephew was born
    On the 15th of January 2012 my oldest sister Candice and her partner David gave birth to her baby boy Caiden James Payne-Gumbleton. This was my paretns first Grandson and my first nephew
  • Grade 10 camp

    Grade 10 camp
    This camp was the best camp so far at St Peter Claver College, grade 10 went to Morton Island, i loved the fact we got to swim next to the ship wrecks, we also went to blue lagon that was amazing because it had tea tree oil in it and after your hair felt amazing. I think the best thing about it was the activites we got to do, we were slipt up into two groups and everyone had to communicate with each other, we made alot of new freinds on that camp.
  • My family climb the story bridge

    My family climb the story bridge
    It was my sisters 16th birthday and Natasha wanted to climb the story bridge so mum let her. My older brother went, my mum went and also i went. It was amazing we went on the sunset one we got to see the ligths of the brisbane city and the bridge. I loved it so much and its a once in a lift time experinece
  • My world came crashing down

    My world came crashing down
    August 12th 2012 1:30pm, my mum came home with lunch and some bad news. When she came home i knew she was putting on a brave face but i dont know what for, we all sat down at the kitchen table and she started telling us that she had an appointment then she started crying and i hate seeing her cry, dad took over and said that mum found two lumps in her right breast and the scans came back saying that mum has breast cancer.
  • Caiden's first birthday

    Caiden's first birthday
    This was my nephew's first birthday, all the family were there, we had a BBQ and then cake, everyone was having a great time and i think he loved the bit where he got to open up all of the presents. Everyone had a great time but caiden had a ball, he was smiling all day long and so was candice and david. I had an fantastic time and cant wait till next year.
  • Me and my sister went to THE SCRIPT concert!

    Me and my sister went to THE SCRIPT concert!
    On the 13th of April my Anuty and Uncle took my older sister Natasha and myself to our very first concert. It happened to be THE SCRIPT, the script are an Irish band that we love, this night was amazing and i couldnt of ask for a better night.
  • The best news ever

    The best news ever
    April 25th 2013 we came home from school and mum was so happy we asked her why she was so happy and then she says 'IM CANCER FREE' my mum beat breast cancer. I always knew mum was a figther and she fought through this and won like she normal does.