The internet

My Internet History

  • AOL Instant Messenger

    AOL Instant Messenger
    Around the time I was in 6th grade, I really began to communicate with my friends across the Internet. Countless usernames were created, profile lists were made, biographies were designed, and conversations were had. I used my grandmother's computer for AIM as the computer at home was mostly occupied by my parents. (source of
  • The Burning Crusade World of Warcraft

    The Burning Crusade World of Warcraft
    World of Warcraft was my greatest interest at the time that I played. I would spend countless hours over the years leveling my character and making sure I could compete amongst my friends. Even though there was no physical proof of my accomplishments, I was proud of the strides that were made inside the game. Many friends were made over the internet as well as friendships strengthened in real-life amongst buddies that played alongside me.
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  • Pantech Matrix AT&T

    Pantech Matrix AT&T
    This phone was my own first personal phone. I texted on it ( by the keyboard and through the t9 predictive text,) sent pictures, called my friends, and even used the GPS navigational system on it. While I had used phones in the past, I remember my brothers and I each had the same phone just in different colors. (source of
  • My First MacBook! Off to College!

    My First MacBook! Off to College!
    I remember how pumped I was to finally claim that I owned a MacBook. This laptop stayed in my possession for many hours each day. I rarely went to Marshall University's Drinko Library because of the access that was available at my fingertips. From the dorm, to my apartment, and the few houses I lived in, this durable laptop never failed me. I could always connect, submit, and communicate and rarely ever came across some sort of computer error.
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  • Marshall Research Corporation

    Marshall Research Corporation
    In my junior year of college undergraduate studies, I received the opportunity to study neuroscience and conduct research. In an all inclusive experience, my research spanned across recording data, following procedures, retrieving statistics, and more all through the convenience of the Internet. Without the ability to be online, the research we did would have taken us a lot more time or perhaps even been impossible!
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  • Master's of Art in Teaching Program. All online!

    Master's of Art in Teaching Program. All online!
    To imagine that I would be completing a degree almost completely online is remarkable. I use to be the person to prefer the typical classroom (and somewhat still do), but I've realized as a result of this pandemic how talented and organized my professors can truly be in offering me an education.
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  • Buying my first BitCoin and NFT book

    Buying my first BitCoin and NFT book
    After the announcement of Facebook's company name change to Meta and hearing these "buzzwords" through every media source, I decided it was time to dive into the world behind cryptocurrency. I suppose alongside this class, now is as great time as ever to really learn!
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