My history

Timeline created by Benjamin Tibbs
  • My Birth

    I was born in Little Rock, AR in a hospital on December the first.
  • First Dog

    I got my first dog, Daisy, when I was four. She was a Basset hound and was a very energetic puppy. However, nowadays she is more relaxed.
  • Began Reading

    I don't remember exactly when I began enthusiastically reading, but at some point, I became much more interested in books. I don't know the year this happened so I'll guess.
  • Joined Band

    It was at this point in my life where I made when of the most controversial decisions about the next seven years. I decided to join the band and to be a tuba at that.
  • Second Dog

    A bit before this, my grandparents found a stray, pregnant dog (later named Lucy) wandering around their yard. This dog (Yorkshire Terrier) gave birth to three puppies, two girls and one boy. One of the girls was given away (we never saw her again). The boy and the mother were kept by my grandparents and the second girl was given to us. We named her Dandelion, Dande for short. She is now the energetic one in the house.
  • My sister leaving for college.

    My sister just recently left for college at Ouachita Baptist University. Making me, unofficially, an only child. I'm not sure how exactly this will affect me, but I'm excited to find out.