My History!

By jo687
  • Arriving in Australia

    Arriving in Australia
    My Grandmother moved from England, arriving in Adelaide, Australia in June, 1932.
  • My Father is Born

    My father was born in Adelaide in June, 1952. He was the only child to his parents.
  • Birth of my Mother

    Birth of my Mother
    My mother and her twin sister Robyn were born on 17 January at Adelaide Hospital, South Australia.
  • Another Set of Twins!

    Another Set of Twins!
    Another set of girl twins entered the family in June 1956 - Elizabeth and Judy, my mother and her older brother (Bill)'s two younger sisters. This completed their family: 2 parents & 5 children.
  • My Parents Get Married

    My parents married in March 1980 in Adealide. They moved permenantly to Melbourne a few months later, where they still live today.
  • My Sister is Born

    My Sister is Born
    Another set of girl twins entered the family in June 1956 - Elizabeth and Judy, my mother and her older brother (Bill)'s two younger sisters. This completed their family: 2 parents & 5 children.
  • Move to Paris, France

    Move to Paris, France
    In 1989 my parents and sister moved to Paris, France to live for three years due to my father's job. They lived in the Australian Embassy of Paris, across from the Eiffel Tower.
  • Birth of Me!

    Birth of Me!
    I was born on 1 April, 1992, at the American Hospital of Paris. Many of my friends call me an "April Fool", although my mother calls me a "Pesce D'Aprile!" or the "April Fish", as this is what it is called in France. Being born at the beginning of spring, my mother says that tulips always remind her of me because when they were driving home from the hospital after I had just been born, the tulips on the side of the road were in bloom for the first time that year.
  • Move Home to Australia

    Move Home to Australia
    When I was 6 months old we moved back to Melbourne, Australia perminantely. I obviously have no memory of living in France, however it's culture still plays a big part in our family. Both my parents and sister speak (some!) French and we have been back to visit several times.
  • My Early School Years

    My Early School Years
    I started school in January, 1997 at Carlton North Primary School. I remember adoring my prep teacher - a huge reason why I have decided to study teaching myself. I loved most things about school, in particular drawing, writing, music and drama. I wasn't so keen on maths, however - still true today!
  • Dancing Classes!

    Dancing Classes!
    I started dancing classes at Centrestage Performing Arts School in Brunswick when i was in prep. I loved everything to do with dance, drama and music, and continued classes in jazz, ballet, tap, lyrical, musical theatre and singing until year 12 where I had to focus on school. Theatre is still a huge part of my life and I take every opportunity I can to see a play, musical or dance concert. I can't wait to incorporate these aspects into my future classrooms and beyond in schools.
  • Moving School...

    Moving School...
    In Grade 5 I moved to Morris Hall - the Junior School of Melbourne Girls Grammar. I had moved for a number of reasons, some being that I was going to move in year 7 so may as well move sooner, and my parents unhappy with some aspects of the school I had attended previously. I absolutley loved my time at Morris Hall, and still to this day cannot think of one complaint.
  • Georgie gets Married!

    Georgie gets Married!
    My sister got married in March, 2009 to my now brother-in-law, Michael. As she is one of the oldest cousins (and was only the second to get married) it was a very exciting event for our family. A lot of my family still lives in Adelaide, so it is great when we have occassions like this to all get together and catch up.
  • Finishing School...

    Finishing School...
    I finished high school on 18 Novemeber 2009 (yes thats right, I can still remember the date!!). I was sad to leave school as I very much felt like I belonged to a special community and place amongst my friends, co-hort, house and whole school. However, I had known for a long time what I had wanted to study when I left - Primary School Teaching!!
  • Start of a New Era: Uni!

    Start of a New Era: Uni!
    Uni for me began in the second week of March, 2010. Although I wanted to be a million things when I was a child (some include: "Olympic Gymnast from Romania" and "the person at the aiport who checks in your baggage") one profression always stuck: Primary Teaching. Despite being incredibly nervous for my 1st day, I mustered up enough confidence to take the plunge. Although taking a while to get used to the change and settle in, I've really enjoyed my time at uni, both the good and the challenging
  • My baby niece is born!!

    My baby niece is born!!
    The 29th of December, 2011 was one of the most special days of my life. My sister had her first baby - a little girl named Emma Madeleine. She is now just over 9 months and has brought so much love and happiness into my life. My sister lives a 10 minute walk from my house so I have a very close bond with her and get to see them several times a week. I love every moment with little Emma and can't wait to watch her grow up!
  • My Future?

    My Future?
    Although I am unsure about many things in my future, there is a lot I would like to do. I would love to live overseas and teach in several countries. I would really like to study further in Special Education or psychology. But I can't wait to 'settle down' and have a family of my own. I can't wait to watch my baby neice grow up and see the type of person she becomes and where life takes her. Although thinking about the future can at times be daunting, I am excited to experience what lyes ahead.