My Hero Project

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  • Research

    On this day I researched in class and attempted to find my hero, the search was unsuccessful.
  • Library

    On this day the class was in the library, looking at books, I finally decided on a person as my hero, Jaycee Dugard. I'm really looking forward to reading her biography.
  • Reading

    On this day I actually started reading Jaycee Dugard's memoir. It's really shocking because I never knew the details of her kidnapping.
  • Finished Reading

    On this day I finished the book, I finished it quickly because it was so hard to put down. It's refreshing to see that for once in real life, there is a good ending. "a stolen life" is a really moving book.
  • Research

    On this day I am doing more research, collecting 2 articles about Jaycee Dugard.
  • First Post

    First Post
    Today I posted my video on how I went about choosing Jaycee Dugard as my hero.
  • Heroes In Literature Essay

    Heroes In Literature Essay
    Today I started post #2, my essay. I'm sort of at a loss for where to begin:/ I don't know what I thought of heroes when I was younger.
  • Finished Essay

    Finished Essay
    Today I also finished my essay! I am pretty confident, I expressed my thoughts, and feel like I did a pretty good job.
  • Who should I interview?

    Who should I interview?
    Today I discussed in class who I should interview. I am thinking I will try and talk to the school psychologist and ask her questions about post traumatic stress.
  • Interview

    Decided who I am going to interview, my mom had a friend that studied psychology in college so I am going to interview her about kidnapping cases, and the psychological damage it does.
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    My Hero Project