My Great Life

  • Born

    I was born in april 30 2001. It was very intresting when I came to my house when I was a baby. I arived at my house in Eugene, Oregon. My house was called red house. Just because it was red! I was the only child in my house.
  • The First Visit to Bangkok

    The First Visit to Bangkok
    I first came to Bangkok Thailand on 21 jan 2002. Next to me is my great grandma. I really really loved my great grandmas room. I explored so much at my house. Fianally I got to see her. I was intrested so I just stayed in the room until lunch!
  • What a Sad Day :(

    What a Sad Day :(
    The first dog I saw was named Can he was our family pet. He is a really cute and smart dog. He was the youngest pet out of them all but he died very early. I'll never forget him even if he isn't here any more. He got very sick the last day I saw him was 4 March 2002.
  • Welcome to KG

    Welcome to KG
    The first day in KG was very intresting that day was 10/02/2004. It was at Kiddy Care. This day was when I had my class picture day. I also made good friends with a Japaness girl. She always played with me.
  • Going Back to America and Entering School

    Going Back to America and Entering School
    That day was the first day I was entering my new school in America it was on 6/04/2005. I was very very exicited . I loved my new school. I made lots of friends and I always got to to the park . The teachers are nice and friendly. I'll never forget it there. I got to see new and exiting things. Such as new games and fruit bushes. I even picked strawberries and cherries. YUMMY!!!
  • Back to Thailand and School

    Back to Thailand and School
    This is when I was '. I had a really fun day at the school. My school was called Bangkok Prep. At the first few days I wasn't comforteble but afther a while I was. I was starting in gr.1. I really like my teacher Ms.Wilson she teaches really fantasticly. She also teaches art afther school, and me and my friend Ko-khi learned afther school . We had fun but the boy in the other class always disturbs us.
  • WHAT DID I DO WRONG!!!!!!!!

    WHAT DID I DO WRONG!!!!!!!!
    I was enjoying my ride to school. When suddenly the police pulled us over. He told us "we can't drive without seatbelts". My driver got angry so he leted him touch the belt. Then the police belived us and we were keeping on driving to school.
  • RIS!

    I joined R.I.S in June I had summer school. I joined Ms.Lynn . I had really much fun. My mom was happy that I liked it. Afther I had the ride to school in the bus every day I loved it. Thats how I came to this school.
  • Hatis Earthquake

    Hatis Earthquake
    The earthquake made the Hatis people homeless. They ran out of every thing and suffered. An estamation had been made that three million people had died. It was one of the worst days. It looked like a terrible day and hati was damaged!
  • Gr.4

    I got to gr.4 and my teacher is named Ms.Stacey. I like my new friends and my teacher. I think i'm really lucky. So next year I hope I,ll have another nice teacher to! I hope gr.5 will be like Ms.Stacey!
  • My First Dog

    My First Dog
    My first dog was named Kawkeab. It actully belongs to me. I got the dog from Air. He is very white and hes a mix breed.He's a husky and something else. I loved him he's very white and sometimes mean but I still love him!
  • First Plublished Peice

    First Plublished Peice
    It was exiting because it shows me what I can do. I made a commic. It's about a high school girl whos about to gradtuate but she was mean. Then sooner afther that she got better at being nice. Well at least nobodies like that!
  • Japan Strikes

    Japan Strikes
    Japan had a newcluer and a tsunami. It was a huge problem. Plenty of people died and suffered. Fortunetly a puppy survived and found it's owner. It was a huge problem luckly people are donating money and maybe Japan will become home again.
  • 2 Plublished Pecie

    It was very intresting because it takes a long time to finish a peice. Only because I worked really hard. I like this one more than the first one because it suits with the day. I really like it because my mind wasn't blank like the first one. It was a great day not only because I finished it early my mom was really proud of me. If only it wasn't teared apart from the big storm!
  • New Zelands Strike

    New Zelands Strike
    65 people died the minster said! Some people say that day was the darkest ever. Fortunetly 120 people has been rescued by the earthquake dameges. There were lots of people who screamed from the ruins. New zeland was full of dameges and ruins.
  • Got Channel (My Grandmas Dog)

    Ahhhhh! I don't like this dog so much . It's so anoying! It is really driving me bonker, this is what happened. My grandma said she wanted a golden retiver. So my uncle came with a golden dog but not an retiver so thats how I got that dog!
  • Got Bike

    Got Bike
    I got my bike. It was a fairy turbo. I loved it. Theres only one little problem I can't even steer it yet. well i'll guess learn it's really hard. Maybe i'll get beter. I always wanted a bike but it was not so easy. At least I like the color!
  • Vietnams Snow

     Vietnams Snow
    It was a shocking day for the Vietnams. Everybody wanted to see their first snow. They were happy to see something diffrent. Vietnamis was glad and took a trip and pictures. Every one was in big fluffy jakets just like inuits!
  • Burmas Earthquake

    Burmas Earthquake
    It was a deadly earthquake. Hunreds of homes have been destroyed. It was a huge challenge for the mountain people to survive. There were tons of reports of the earthquake. So the real cause was burma lies on the earthquake belt.
  • Kawkeab gets Older

    Kawkeab gets Older
    My dog is finaly mature. I do fell kind of sad he's not that much fun. But i'll get use to it. I'm just happy he still comess around. He still plays with me. He is so cute when he plays.