My favorite author - Peg Kehret

By cp16024
  • Birth Date

    Birth Date
    she was born on Nov. 11, 1936 and grew up in Austin, Minnesota, and had a happy and normal childhood except she had the polio disease. image source
  • Period: to

    Peg Kehret

  • Her school

    Her school
    She graduated from Austin High School and attended the University of Minnesota for one year. ESTIMATED DATE <a href='' >IMAGE SOURCE <
  • getting married

    getting married
    Peg married carl on July 2 1955, then they moved to california. REAL DATE IMAGE SOURCE
  • The adopotion

    The adopotion
    They adopted a child. His name was bob he was born in 1957. ESTIMATED DATE <a href='' >IMAGE SOURCE</a
  • the second adoption

    the second adoption
    Peg and carl adopted a second child named anne. she was born in 1961. ESTIMATED DATE IMAGAE SOURCE
  • Moving again

    Moving again
    In 1970, Peg and Carl moved to Washington State where she still lives. ESTIMATED DATE
  • The first book

    The first book
    Peg kehret first book was published in 1979. ESTIMATED DATE IMAGE SOURCE
  • Children books

    Children books
    Peg firsts childrens books were published in 1985. She still writes children books today. ESTIAMTED DATE IMAGE SOURCE
  • The death

    The death
    Pegs husband died April 28, 2004. Peg still continued to write kids books. ESTIMATED DATE IMAGE SOURCE
  • Me readint pegs book

    Me readint pegs book
    I began reading one of Peg Kehrets books in March 2011. I read Abduction. ESTIMATED DATE IMAGE SOURCE