My family story

  • The first story about my Daddy

    In 1964, he studied in Nguyen Cong Tru primary school. At the same time, america attacked vietnam.
    He wasn't alooed to scholl because it was very dangerous outside.He had to stay at home 1 years.
  • The fisrt milestones in my father life

    My father was admitted into the Gifted school of foreign language. That is one of the most important milestones in his life
  • My father first trip to Russia

    My father first trip to Russia
    The state gave him a scholar to study in Russia.
  • Period: to

    Learning in Russia

    In Russia he studied in Leningrad State University for 6 years, from 1975 to 1980
  • International Youth Congress

    International Youth Congress
    He was one of the Vietnam's representatives entered to International Youth Congress.
  • Came back to Vietnam

    Came back to Vietnam
    IN 1982 my father came back to VIetnam. He was very glad to see the family again. During this time my father work
    for a small company.
  • How my parents met each others How my parents met each others How my parents met each others

    In this summer, my father joined a volunteer program and in that time, my father met my mother. They felt in love each other
  • They got maried

    After a long time to know each other, they got married. It was a small wedding with friends and family.
  • Mommy...daddyyyyyyyyyyyy Daddy...mommy

    My older brother was born . He looked so cute xD. I love my brother very much.We are so close to each other.
  • Period: to

    Welcome to Europe

    My family moved to there because my father had to work in Switzerland .
  • RUSSIA ...... again

    RUSSIA ...... again
    After few years , my father had to work in Russia.My familly moved to Russia. They lived in a small department. It's was a difficult period.
  • An angel was born

    An angel was born
    I was born in spring. This is a very nice season. My mother was very hard to take care of me. I love my mom so muchhhhhhh. Thank you for everything <3
  • Came back to VIetnam

    After my father finished work in Russia, we came back to Vietnam
  • sweet memories <3

    When i turned 3, my mother send me to Vietnam- Bulgari kindergaten. I had a lot of nice friends here.
  • My first day went to school.

    When i was 6 years old, i went to study at Trung Vuong primary school. . My mother took me to school.I was very nervous.
    During this time, i started to learn Piano. I like playing piano. I practiced everyday to improve
  • My brother went to study abroad

    My brother went to study abroad
    In 2001, my brother decided to go to Canada. I was very upset becaused i didn't want him went far away from me. :( I missed him so much.
  • Secondary school

    I was nervous just like the first day i went to Primary. But in there i met some old friends in Primary school. I was glad to see them again. We talked about our old memories .

    In this summer, i joined a summer camp in cambridge. I learned many useful things in here. I visited many beautiful places: Oxford, London....and many famous college. I had a good time in England.
  • NOW

    I am styding in Hanoi Academy high school. This year is very important to me. I have to learn a lot. My english isn;t so good so i need to study and practice more to improve my English. I'll go to study in Canada next year. Wish me luck xD