My Exposure to Traditional and New Media

By josh_18
  • Let's begin with the ultrasound device

    Let's begin with the ultrasound device
    The picture of an infant inside a mother's womb is seen using ultrasound equipment. My family can monitor my progress within my mother's womb thanks to these.
  • Exposure to camera

    Exposure to camera
    I had already begun to appreciate the world's beauty. I was exposed to the camera at this point in my life. The camera is used to capture memories and moments in images that will last almost a lifetime. It used to capture my first steps, first tears, and all of my life's unique moments.
  • Flash cards

    Flash cards
    One of the most popular ways of learning words and numbers is to use flash cards.
  • Toys

    We prefer to play games based on our gender as children.
  • Story Books

    Story Books
    Children's story books are extremely popular. My family used to read me books when I was a child. If it was about tales or not, it taught me a lot about how to improve my reading skills and comprehension.
  • Television

    Television used to be one of my favorite forms of entertainment when I was a child. I used to get up early every morning just to watch my favorite cartoon show.
  • Educational Books

    Educational Books
    I started going to school when I was seven years old. As a result, educational books were produced. Being different from story books, I was astounded to discover that story books could teach me more than just moral lessons.
  • Cellphone

    Modern mobile phones can do a lot more than just make and receive phone calls. Users of modern mobile phones can send and receive text messages, emails, images, and video, as well as access the Internet, play sports, listen to music, and use GPS (Global Positioning Systems).
  • Laptop

    Bejeweled was extremely beneficial to my academics.
  • Facebook

    The beginning of my social media addiction.
  • Smartphone

    A cell phone with a touchscreen interface, internet connectivity, and an operating system capable of running downloaded applications that performs many of the functions of a device.
  • Twitter

  • Instagram

    Instagram is a photo-sharing app that you can use to share your photos online. It lets you add various photo filters to your photos with a single click and then share them with others. You can use the app to upload photos, manage them, add filters to them, and share them with your friends.
  • Snapchat

    treaks, stories and aesthetic
  • Canvas LMS

    Canvas LMS
    In the midst of the pandemic, every student adapted to the new mode of learning. Students should use a mobile device to access their courses and groups in Canvas Student. Students can submit assignments, engage in discussions, and access course materials as well as display grades and grades. Course calendars, To Do things, alerts, and Conversations messages are all accessible via the app.