My Educational Experiences

By lsosu16
  • ACT Test

    ACT Website
    First ACT test was given. This test along with the SAT is required by most, if not all, higher education institutions for application to the school. I only took the ACT, and struggled with the test. Although I did get into college, I feel the test hindered my acceptance into Ohio State.
  • Title IX

    Fast Facts about Title IX
    This groundbreaking law was passed that required gender equality for girls and boys in every educational program that receives federal funding. Without this piece of important legislation, I would never had the opportunities I did in athletics.
  • Lacrosse Came to Worthington

    History of HG Tournament/John Galipault John Galipault brought lacrosse to Worthington, Ohio.
  • IBM introduces first personal computer

    IBM introduces the first personal computer, also the same year I was born. Without the personal computer, nevermind education but where would our whole way of life be?
  • A Nation At Risk

    A Nation At RiskA Nation At Risk came out.
  • First Day of Kindergarten

    First day of kindergarten. Very traumatic experience highlighted in my research paper.
  • First Charter School

    City Academy High School
    First charter school in the US opens in St. Paul, Minnesota. The school is called City Academy High School. Significant for me because I am thinking of teaching in a charter school when I get my teaching license.
  • 6th grade

    I entered the 6th grade at Wilson Hill Elementary in Worthington, Ohio. One of my teachers, Mr. Wilson, had an impact on my education throughout that year and through high school.
  • Camp Ohio

    Camp Ohio6th grade class trip to Camp Ohio. 3 days of outdoor education with the whole 6th grade class. We slept in cabins, made baskets, and rock climbing.
  • Jim Miles

    At the beginning of my high school career I met Jim Miles, who was the schools athletic trainer and he also taught classes. Jim became a mentor and a very good friend throughout high school and college.
  • Playing Lacrosse

    As a freshman in high school I decided to play lacrosse for the first time. I picked it up pretty quickly and during my sophomore year I was on varsity.
  • Camp Ohio Counselor

    I was chosen to be a counselor at Camp Ohio with Wilson Hill Elementary and I got the chance to work with my former teachers.
  • Second Year as Camp Ohio Counselor

    My second year as a camp counselor at Camp Ohio.
  • Ohio State Athletic Training Program

    Ohio State Athletic Training
    I was accepted into the athletic training program at The Ohio State University.
  • Coaching Lacrosse

    This was my first job coaching lacrosse at my high school. Very stressful, but the most amazing experience.
  • Possibly Switching Majors

    At this point in my college career, I was not enjoying the athletic training program and I wanted to switch majors. The only major I looked at was education. In the end I stuck with athletic training. Should have switched.
  • Teaching Classes

    I began helping to teach classes with the younger athletic training students.
  • No Child Left Behind

  • Graduate School

    EKUBegan grad. school at Eastern Kentucky University. As a graduate assistant part of my job was to teach 2 physical education classes to first year students.
  • Coaching Lacrosse in Cleveland

    Magnificat High School
    I got a part time job coaching lacrosse at Magnificat High School. I also worked there in the spring of 2006.
  • Coaching DIII Lacrosse

    I got my first job teaching/coaching womens lacrosse at Hollins University.
  • Quitting

    I quit my job at Hollins.
  • Going back to school

    I began researching programs around the Cleveland area. JCU had the best fit for me and I decided to go back to school to get my teaching license. Applied at JCU, and started taking classes in January 2011.
  • Birthday

    I turn 30!!!!! Minor melt down, I question myself, am I doing the right thing going back to school? I am turning 30 and I am back working as a server and I am in school with kids who are 10 years younger than me!! I realized that I am doing what is right for me, and I can not compare myself to anyone else. I am so happy to in school and I am looking forward to the day when I will be able to teach.