Rehan’s educational journey

  • Nursery

    I went to Nursery for 2 years from 2013 to 2014 and I went to Euro Kids in Murgeshpalya, Bangalore. My mom would take me because it was across street in a small gully. At that time, I knew how to open my own food box. I had a lot of friendships, which I still remembered to this day. I remember having a lot of good memories like riding a small car, during the free time we got.
  • Kindergarten

    I joined a new school called Oakridge International school, and it was an IB school so it was called EYP 1-A, I made a lot of friends and learned the alphabet and learned how to make words, and my teachers during the Parent-teacher meet said I was exceptional at math, and I used that info to become a math genius by EYP2, and I was a speed demon in my grade, I got gold medals in EYP - 1 and 2.
  • Ukulele

    For me, everything big in my life happend in 2017, My mom found the music teacher and they were good friends, and he taught me for 4 years how to play a ukulele. My grandad bought me a ukulele, and not thinking twice, and hoping for me to become a musician. I learned countless songs and solos, and played for EYP 2 in 2019, I played a song my mom told me to MAKE chords for which I did, and apparently, my mom said, the kids loved it.
  • 1st grade

    1st grade
    After I got my graduation to go to elementary school, or as it’s called in IB schools, PYP(Primary years programme). I found a friend I still remember, his name is Adyant, I went with him to California in the same flight! Apart from friendships, I loved 1st grade, because of 1 thing: I had to give a speech for the graduating EYP 2, which I am still proud, I had to speak in front of 75 people. I got another gold medal in the sports day. No argues, 1st grade was and is still my favourite year.
  • Arabic

    As being Muslim, I have to learn to read Namaz, the way us Muslims pray, and I also need to learn how to read arabi, so I can use to read the Quran, a book written by our god, Allah. I started reading namaz in 2019, but after half a year, my mom told that I need to know how to read arabi, so she started giving lessons on what she learned. And then, she asked a Maulana(arabi teacher) to come teach and he did for 1 year, and after we shifted to Hebbal, she asked someone else but he stoped quickly.
  • Cricket

    With nothing to do at home at the weekends, my dad, as cricket team captain, told me to get training from his coach, batting training for the most part. I did not have full kit with equipment at the start, only gloves and a bat(which i lost at a hotel😔). After I got a a new bat, I also got a full kit, so my coach could start more advance drills and training. I did personal training for 4 months, and then switched to team training for the rest of the year. I also got to play a few matches.
  • Coding

    When the COVID pandemic broke out, we had to switch to online learning to ensure safety from the virus. Well, my mom thought it would be a good idea to put me in coding classes, so for a few months I was taking coding classes in, learning JavaScript for 37 classes, and then in 5th grade, I decided to participate in junior CodeFest: It was basically a school day but with a team, you would build apps, in either scratch, or, the more recommended one. That year, Our team got 4th.
  • 5th grade Exhibiton

    5th grade Exhibiton
    To graduate elementary school in IB schools, you have to do an Exhibition event, to make projects about what you have learned through the 5 years you have been learning in elementary school. We had Ecosystems as our main idea. You had to make 3 projects and display them at the final day of school. My first project used real grass and was about the food chain, and producers, consumers and decomposer’s. My final project was in Minecraft, which was okay, to my learning. It was successfully done.
  • 6th Grade

    6th Grade
    After Graduating elementary school in 5th grade after my exhibition, my mom realised that the middle school program for my old school wasn’t good, and since we were shifting closer to my new school in Hebbal, even my mom had to stop teaching at my school, so my mom put me in CIS, and my mom left Oakridge and stopped teaching, and August 8th, 2022, I joined Canadian International School to go till i get a diploma, at least that’s what I know.