My Drugged Up Life

  • addicted to drugs and homeless FTW

    this is the horrible tradergy that has befallen me
  • Live at a friends house for a while

    because i am desperate for a house i stay at a friends house for a while
  • friend moves on with his life

    i have overstayed my welcome
  • Join a rehabilitation thing

    im all out of options, im losing my life so i join a rehab thing in hopes of turing my life around
  • Sucessfully Rehabilatated!!!

    After a year of counciling and stuff like that i am now clean and on the search for a job
  • Found a decent job

    After 2 years of bad jobs like restaurant employment and customer service, i found one that i didnt totally hate. A military post and now i can live the rest of my life peacefully

    this life is to boring
  • death

    my reasearch indicated that the average homeless person lives 47 years, it will be 2045 when i am 47

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