My best situations

Timeline created by Oscar Angoa
  • Travel to Mexico City

    Travel to Mexico City
    I traveled to Mexico City to live there, because where I lived there was no work.
  • New Friends

    New Friends
    In high school I made good friends, when I entered school I made several friends the first few weeks
  • Fitness

    I started to worry about my health and started exercising in a GYM, i was during at this GYM for 6 months
  • 15 Years

    15 Years
    I was chamberlain in about 15 years, we started rehearsing from last year.
  • Other 15 Years

    Other 15 Years
    I was chamberlain in about other 15 years, my friends and I rehearse a lot for these 15 years
  • Finish high school

    Finish high school
    I graduated from high school, i went out with a good average and with several friends who want to go to the same preparatory.

    I took an exam to enter the high school that I wanted, i started studying in January in a course but the pandemic made us leave the course.
  • Pass the Exam

    Pass the Exam
    Pass the exam and can enter the preparatory 4 of the UNAM, i start class in 9/21/2020 and I already want to go to the preparatory.