My Awesome Life ^^

  • Born on earth

    Born on earth
    I was born in Bangkok, Thailand. On sunday. I was born on the same day as my friend name TINI. She was older than me 4 hrs. I was born in Param Nine Hospital. The first time my mom wants to make my name as watermelon, cucomber, cabbage and all these fruits and vegetables.
  • I'm walking !!

    I'm walking !!
    I can walk when I am 11 months old. I was practicing walkig with the sofa. I didn't learn to crawl so I walk right away. I like walking when I,m nothing wearing clothes so it's more comfortable. The backgroound is my old house .
  • Fliying to Indonesia

    Fliying to Indonesia
    My dad go to Indonesia to work, I don't like the place where I live. Everything was dirty. I went on the Garuda Indonesia airline. On this airline, the air-hostate are so friendly.
  • Disney on Ice

    Disney on Ice
    My first time watching Disney on Ice. I was watching Lion KIng when I was 2-years-old. It played in Thailand, bangkok, Impact Muang-ThongTani. The Lion king was my favorite show the most.i just know that the people there are not thai people so I have to use english to talk to them.
  • Eat and Seep!?

      Eat and Seep!?
    I was eating my food and suddenly I slept while I'm chewing the food! I could remember I just woke up from my nap. I could eat the food by my self so I could sleep easily.
  • Toddler

    Many months later I came home and said yes and no. The teacher in school was kind. I liked going to school. I lived in a apartment, so it's easy to go to school because the school is in the apartment too !!
  • First Halloween Party !!

    First Halloween Party !!
    That day I was very shy and excited together. It was fun when I went to different rooms in the apartment. I could remember a room that is so big like a palace. My class also went to trick-o-tricking with the apatment outside my school wich is in the Meteng apartment. Everytime I get candy, I wouldn't eat it because I don't llike candies.
  • Threw up in School !!

    Threw up in School !!
    I was sick :( I was eating corn soup. And I felt a headache so I went to the toilet. Something ticklish came up my troat. And SPLASH..... I threw up.
  • First Field Trip !!

    First Field Trip !!
    My class went to a cinamon store name,Cinze. Everybody got one roll of cinamon to cut into pieces. It was fun and the class got to eat the cinamon roll we made. it was my favorite dessert shop too !! I went there almost every weekend.
  • Vaccine!!

    I ook the Vasilxix vae vaccine. That day I wasn't scared at all. The nurse gave me alot of stickers. The doctor said I was strong.
  • Drowning!!!

    I was going back to my room when I fell in the pool !!! My mom was surprised !! Luckily the water wasn't deep and it was not cold. The time that I fell, I think someone push me down because that time, I have a friend that is a boy went swimming with m eand like to tease and trick me all the time.
  • Back to Thailand ^^

    Back to Thailand ^^
    I went to Indonesia and now coming back to Thailand. I was excited. I went into the visa way so I came to Thailand fast. When I came back, Everything was horrible. The old people who rent my house made a disaster. The tub was broken, the refridgerator smelled bad, the trees are growing everywhere.
  • Ruamrudee International School, Here I come !!

    Ruamrudee International School, Here I come !!
    First day in 1st grade. I was nervous. I met many new friends. My teacher's name is Mr.doug Lambert. I was in grade 1. I have to wake up in the morning to come to school.
  • Riding a Horse !!

    Riding a Horse !!
    I learned how to ride a horse. I fell down 2 times so I didn't learn more. The horse was nauhty so it's hard to control. The horse is a female and she is still a pony. Her name is Deffy.
  • Phang-Chang-mae sa

    Phang-Chang-mae sa
    I went to my uncle's graduation in chiang-mai with my grandma and grandpa. Before that day I went to Phang-Chang-mae sa. It's like a elephant center where they train and take care elephants. I watched a show about elephanta that play soccer, hold to the tail while walking in a line, and drawing pictures.
  • New President !!

    New President !!
    Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States on November 4, 2008. He is the first African-American president in American history. Now he is 49 years old.....
  • In Chiang mai

    In Chiang mai
    First time in a zoo in a cold place. It was also the first time I see a panda. I went wit hmy friends family. My friends are Amy and Joanne. Now Amy is in Ms.Stacey's class and Joanne is in 7th grade. I also went to a water fall which was freezing cold. when I was walking on a bridge, I spotted a tiny rainbow which I could see the end. So I looked at the end of the rainbow and didn't see a treasure chest at ALL !!
  • First time on stage with 100 people !!

    First time on stage with 100 people !!
    That day, I went to Thai Cultural Center to perform thai classical danceinfront of 100 People. I have to wait half day to be the time I have to show. After that I never learned thai calssical dance again.
  • Smiling Moon

    Smiling Moon
    It happens because Jujpiter and Venus came and become the 2 eyes and the moon is the mouth. It would happen once in a while. In thailand, have the best view of the Smiling moon.

    The red shirts came to make a big group from all kind of province in thailand. They came to gather the group in bangkok and had a small war with the Thai soildiers. Which made alot of homeless kids, alot of injured people and cause alot of damage to the streets and houses.
  • Koh-Chang

    My first time I went to snoggling in the sea. I went with my friend's family, Puri. Snoggling is fun but I don't like the part wen I see dead corals.
  • Pattaya Ripley. First Scariest Haunted House!

    Pattaya Ripley. First Scariest Haunted House!
    I went to Pattaya Ripley to play the haunted house. It ws really scary that I cried so loud. Because of the ghost with a real life saw.
  • Korea! First Time Touch Snow !!

    Korea! First Time Touch Snow !!
    I went to south Korea with my friends family. I stayed at a hotel named Ski Resort which have snow all year. I also went skiing on a high cliff.
  • Beers !!

    Beers !!
    This is a picture when I tried a sip of beer. It was yucky and it is not sweet at all. I can't believe that the mans and the tour drank 4 to 5 bottles a day !!
  • Snow In Vietnam !!

    Snow In Vietnam !!
    Thhis snow falling happened in Sama, Vietnam. I can't belive that vietnam would have snow. I never went there before. I eish Thailand would have too !! If Thailand have snow, it would be weird. I think the hot weather in Thailand is the right kind.
  • Libya War !!

    Libya War !!
    In Libya have a war that like the civil war. Many people died and houses are broken. I can't belive that the Libya soldiers can kill there own country people. Thailand also have a the same kind of accident. The red shirts have a war in the city with the goverment.
  • Neuclear In JAPAN !!

    Neuclear In JAPAN !!
    In Japan there is a Earthquake that made the neuclear factory explode and the gas inside made people sick, plants, die, can't eat fresh food and alot of house a broken.
  • Earthquake in Burma!!

    Earthquake in Burma!!
    This happen in the same place many years ago. This is not a normal. The people there are all frightend. The earthquake spread very far to bangkok.. I also feel the ground moving.