My American Dream!!

  • Back to School

    Back to School
    After an 8 year hiatus, it is finally time to get that degree. I have dilly dallied in the graveyard waitress business, the selling of vinyl siding over the telephone only to crawl into menial jobs such as sales repping for a soap importer and working as a 911 dispatcher. It has been a long break since I started my education degree in 2001, but here I am and ready to rock my school's socks off!!
  • Period: to

    How Long it Will Take to Conquer the World

  • D-Day

    Though it was a large hiccup in my plan, I can't say it was a sad day when I told my unsupportive, derelict husband of 9 years to pack his bags on our anniversary.... my mantra for the day: We Must Perservere!
  • 4 - POINT - OH!!!

    4 - POINT - OH!!!
    Can you BELIEVE it?? I got a 4.0 on my first semester back in school!!!!! To all you non-believers who said I couldn't do this while working shift work for the county and raising my girl on my own ..... I am on my way!!
  • Summer School

    Summer School
    While all of you work and play, I know that if I knock these 9 extra credits out of the park, I WON'T HAVE TO TAKE THEM NEXT YEAR!! And that is worth a little pain..... maybe.
  • Sophomore Year

    Sophomore Year
    With all of my generals out of the way, this semester is going to be a hoot! What with the combination of an early childhood practicum, learning to teach with new technology in classes, Intro to special education and math for elementary kids, I couldn't be more excited ..... to teach elementary school kids!! Onward and upward ....
  • Excellence in Academics

    Excellence in Academics
    So, I just learned that I got a scholarship for my hard work so far. I know it's a little silly to cry, but it has just been a really long trip so far and the pay off seems so far away .... thank you, WWCC for recognizing what I am doing and giving me that little push I needed to stave off burn-out.
  • BA stands for Bachelor's of Arts, you silly A-Team guys

    BA stands for Bachelor's of Arts, you silly A-Team guys
    Starting my Bachelor's. I kind of can't believe that this has gone by so fast .... Hello Valley State University!
  • Graduation???

    I can only keep my fingers crossed at this point that I will graduate with my Bachelor's of Arts next spring and be able to teach and make a difference in the lives of students, in my daughter's life, and most certainly in mine. The doors of opportunity are locked to me now, but I know that I have a key ...
  • Sweetwater School Districts, YOU WANT ME!

    Sweetwater School Districts, YOU WANT ME!
    So, at this point, I am ready, I am ambitious, and I am an educated woman who wants to put her ideas into action! I already have the layout of my room planned out in my mind ... I am thinking BIG: like a CIRCUS THEME! Mirrors and lights and stripes on the walls and heavy red velvet curtains framing my awesome Smartboard. It will be ... epic.
  • Tenure, Please

    Tenure, Please
    After putting in three years, teaching, learning, playing, enjoying, endeavoring to be the best teacher I can be and hopefully not burning any bridges in the process (fingers crossed), I can take my experience and MANY letters of recommendation and move to greener pastures .... like, literally greener. Connecticut, here we come!!
  • My Nest

    My Nest
    At long last, this is where I want to be: My American Dream. I will live in an old house in Hartford, Connecticut with my now teenage, teen-raged daughter and my maybe-in-the-future husband, SuperCop Steve, where we will live in an old, creepy house with a large GREEN yard in which our future 14 dogs will play and then I, Jeanette Lacey, will live and teach happily ever after.