MWH Cumulative Timeline

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In History
  • Qing Emperor First Decides to Accept Gifts from the Outside World

  • Germany Starts Industrializes

  • The Chinese People Become Addicted to Opium

  • Lin Zexu Letter Addressed to Queen Victoria

  • Treaty of Nanjing

  • Foreign Citizens Gain Extraterritorial Rights

  • Commander M. Perry Travels to Japan

  • Treaty of Kanagawa

  • First Railroad Line in Japan

  • Otto von Bismarck of Germany Forms Dual Alliance with Austria-Hungary

  • Scramble for Africa Begins

  • Maxim Gun Created

  • Kaiser Wilhelm II Assumes Power in Germany

  • U.S. Declares Open Door Policy

  • Russo-Japanese War

  • Triple Entente Formed

  • All Great Powers Have Standing Armies Except Britain

  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austro-Hungary Assassinated by Serbian Gavrilo Princep

  • Austro-Hungary Presents Serbia With Ultimatum

  • Austria Rejects Serbia's Offer and Declares War

  • Germany Declares War on Russia

  • The Allies Attack Germany Northeast of Paris in the Valley of the Marne River

  • Gallipoli Campaign Starts

  • The Lusitania is Sunk by German U-Boats

  • Germans Launch Massive Attack Against French Near Verdun

  • Germany Declares its Policy of Unrestricted Submarine Warfare

  • Zimmerman Note Intercepted

  • President Wilson Asks Congress to Declare War on Germany

  • Germany and Russia Sign the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

  • Second Battle of the Marne

  • World War I Ends

  • Period: to

    Rise of Labor/Trade Unions

  • Period: to

    Taiping Rebellion

  • Period: to

    Meiji Era

  • Period: to

    King Leopold II Signs Treaties With Local Chiefs of the Congo River Valley

  • Period: to

    Berlin Conference

  • Period: to

    Boxer Rebellion

  • Period: to

    Battle of the Somme

  • Period: to

    Germany and France Sign an Armistice