Munich Timeline

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    Munich Timeline

  • Secret Deal

    Konrad Henlein and Hitler secretly agreed that Henlein would create chaos in Czechoslovakia so Hitler would have a reason to step into the country. Hitler gave money to Konrad Henlein secretly as well
  • Munich Crisis

    Chaos in Czechoslovakia by Sudeten German Party. Hitler is ready for war at this point.
  • Rome-Berlin Axis

    Mussolini promises to support Hitler in the invasion of Czechoslovakia.
  • Chamberlain flys to Germany

    Chamberlain flys to meet Hitler in Germany. Hitler claims that Sudetenland is badly treated. Chamberlain agrees that Sudetenland should be given to Germany therefore he would try and persuade others.
  • Chamberlain back to London

    Chamberlain, Daladier promises to defend Czechoslovakia if Hitler goes further but Benes must agree to gradually give Sudetenland to Hitler.
  • Bad Godesburg

    Chamberlain meets Hitler but Hitler then claims that he wants an immediate take over of Sudetenland, at first they agreed that Hitler would gradually take over Sudetenland but he then changed his mind
  • Letter to Chamberlain

    A letter was sent to Chamberlain saying that Hitler agrees to a four power meeting in Munich including Germany, Britain, France and Italy.
  • Munich Conference

    The Four powers agrees to an immediate take over of Sudetenland as long as Hitler does not try to take over any more land by military force therefore an appeasement is signed.