Muhammad's Life and Other Events

  • 570

    Birth of Muhammad

    Muhammad was born on April 26, 570. He was born in Makkah into a merchant family.
  • 575

    Muhammad Orphaned

    When Muhammad was only 5 years old, he became orphaned.
  • 576


    In this year, the Visigoths established their capital in Toledo, present day Spain
  • Dec 1, 600

    World population

    The world population was about 208,000,000 people. Compared to today's population of over 7,000,000,000; thats flippin tiny!!!!!!
  • Dec 1, 600

    Mayans making paper

    Mayan's were making paper out of bark around this time....exciting.
  • Dec 1, 607

    Halley's comet

    Halley's comet
    The 12th recorded passage of Halley's comet occurs.
  • Dec 1, 610

    Muhammad's Visions

    Muhammad's Visions
    At age 40, he was incontent with his life and retreated to a cave in the mountains surrounding Mecca. It was here he claimed to have had visions from God.
  • Dec 1, 613

    Muhammad preaches

    Muhammad began preaching about the revelations he had in the cave.
  • Dec 1, 622

    Muhammad leaves Mecca

    Muhammad and his followers were not liked very much in Mecca so he sent some of his followers to Abyssinia and then he and his other followers went to Yathrib (Medina).
  • May 1, 632

    Muhammad returns to Mecca

    Muhammad returns to Mecca
    After conquering Mecca, he and his followers returned.
  • Jun 8, 632

    Death of Muhammad

    Muhammad died in Yathrib. He apparently died of a high fever.
  • Muhammad gets married

    Muhammad gets married
    When Muhammad grew up to become a caravan manager, he married a rich widow named Khadija.
  • Tang Dynasty

    Tang Dynasty
    In this year, the Tang Dynasty began in China. It lasted until the year 907.

    In this year, the Chinese scholar-official Yan Zhitui became the first known person to have documented toilet paper, although it was indirectly. "Paper on which there are quotations or commentaries from the Five Classics or the names of sages, I dare not use for toilet purposes," were his words.
  • Julian Calendar

    In this year, England adopted the Julian Calendar, which is the one we use today.