By zlist
  • 570

    Muhammad's Birth

    Muhammad was born in 570. There is no record of what day and what month is was born in.He was born in Mecca. (Oliver 14).
  • 576

    Muhammads Mother Dies

    Muhammads mother died in 576. She died near the city of medina. Muhammad was only 6 when his mother died. (Emerick 303).
  • Aug 31, 600

    Cambodian Kingdom

    The cambodian kindom kingdom was taken over. It was taken over by the Kindom of Chenia
  • May 22, 610

    Muhammad meets Gabriel

    Muhammad is visted by the angle Gabriel. Gabriel tells him that muhammads the messanger off god. That means Muhammad is the Prophet. (Lings 44).
  • Apr 1, 613

    Muhammad starts public worship

    Muhammad started public worship in 613. He wanted to show his love of Alah to everone. He also wanted to spread the Islamic religion around.(Emerick 139)
  • Mar 22, 622


    Muhammad leaves to make his pilgriamge to yathrib. This is also called the Hijrah. All muslims are required to do this. (Emmerick 305)
  • Jul 29, 624

    Battle of Badr

    The musslims win.The Banu Qaynuqa are exiled from medina by Muhamad. One of Muhammads daughers dies right after the battle. (Emerick 305).
  • Dec 27, 627

    Battle of Nineveh

    Byzantines defeat the Sassanid Empire. It saved the Byzantines from further persian attacks.
  • Nov 22, 630

    Muslims defeat the Arab Aliiance

    The musslims deafeat the Arab Alliance led by Malik ibn ' Awf. Muhammad led his army to Byzantine to make an alliance with the syrians. The syrians made peace with the Muslims.(Emerick 305)
  • Jun 8, 632

    Muhammad's Death

    Muhammad died in 632. He died in Saudi Arabia. He was around 63 years old.(Armstong 207).
  • Muhammad Marries

    Muhammad married Khadijah in 595. She was his cousin. They had 6 chikdren together.(Olivier 22).
  • Conquest of Khaybar

    Muhammad led the muslim army in the conquest of Khaybar. He defeated the Khaybar Jews after a couple of days of battle. He let them keep their land and possions but took all of their agricultural produce. (Marston 83)
  • T'ang Dynasty

    The T'ang Dynasty was founded in 618. It was a strong source of goverment in japan.Founded by Li Yuan.
  • Rois Faineats dies

    Rois Faineats was a frankish feudal king.His death resulted in royal power decline.
  • Shotuku Dies

    Empress Shotuku dies. She led a strong goverment in japan. During her reign she added constiutions to the japeneses goverment to make it more balanced.
  • Shotoku takes over

    Shotuku Takes over a japanes empire. She ruled for over 30 years.Made many changes to japense goverment.