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  • My first gymanstics award

    My first gymanstics award
    This was the first time I was old enough to complete in a level 5 gymanstics meet. I was very nervous, but then became extremely excited to see that I had won first place for my floor exercise routine. I received a blue ribbon! This made me want to practice even more so I could win more awards.
  • First Car

    First Car
    I purchased my first car. It was a 1996 Honda Civic, and it was red. Thsi car helped me get to work and school everyday. It taught me about responsibility since I had to pay for the insurance and maintenance on it.
  • Obama become president

    Obama become president
    Obama became president ont his date.
  • Loss of my Grandfather

    Loss of my Grandfather
    This day was a sad day for me. My grandfather was moved to a hospital the day before since he was getting very sick. As we were leaving our house to go visit him, we received a call that he passed away. He was very important to me, and like a father.
  • My engagement!

    My engagement!
    Bob proposes to me and I say yes. This is important to me because I have found who I will be marrying and spending my life with.