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By bdostal
  • North Carolina

    North Carolina
    I was born in North Caralina I do not remimber much from it because I only lived there for 2 1/2 years of the beginning of my life.
  • Period: to

    My Moving History

    Of all the places I have lived in my life.
  • Washington, Puyallup

    Washington, Puyallup
    When I was 3 I remimber the treehouse in the frount yard but I was to small to get in. I also remimber the huge stump in the backyard 3 yards around. Lastly I remimber when my mom was going to have a baby baby sister her name was Arienne.
  • Kansas, Lansing

    Kansas, Lansing
    In Kansas is where I started school for kidagarden, I loved going on the school bus and coming home to see my mom waiting on the steps of the house or under the big tree in the fount yard.
  • Mouser

    My brother Kaden the oldest Kaden I know. Got a cat named Mouser because he named him that because he was so small, now he is pritty big. Mouser was hit by a car in the 6 months after we got him, he broke his hip and was bleeding to death, Kaden sleeped with him the whole night in the garge with him. But he did not die so in the morning we took him to the vet and he had surgery, and I never forgot. Today he is still living with us.
  • Leaving Kansas

    When I was leaving Kansas I did not care much I liked moving. A new place a new start new friends.
  • Washington Eatonville

    Washington Eatonville
    Going to Washington was one of the coolest place I ever went. The people there were great and the school there was awesome. I remimber the playground was grand the coolest one I ever been too, not because the school was rich but how it was done huge trees huge place.
  • Fun in Washington

    Fun in Washington
    Ever where there was green my yard was filled with black berry bushes and trees there was not one inch of emtey grass. Lasly the most importain thing I remember was Mt. Rainier, from my house I could see it. It was so beautiful but I never cared for it intell i left it was went to a place with no green.
  • Washington DC

    Virginia Alexandria was a terrible to live I hated it so much. With all the people and places. It was fun the first week with all the sites but after a little bit when theres nothing new it is the most boring thing ever. Our yard was 10x10 yards nothing to do.
  • School There

    The school there was bad the school would not let you do anything at the playground and the safety rules there where terrible. There was a rule that you could not spit on the grass on any school property, I did not like that place at all.
  • My Dad

    My father loved there his job was great he worked the Capitle and the Pinagone.
  • Iowa Vanmeter

    Vanmeter was a lot of change for me from DC. People here where a lot different they looked different they acted different and talked different.
  • I'll Tell You

    Out of all the places I have ever lifed he Iowa is my faverote place I have been. The people are great I live close to all my family. And I know if I stayed in DC I would not be the person I am today. All in all Vanmeter is the best place I have ever lived in so far.