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  • toy story

    this movie was a big part of my child hood growing up. we watched all the toy story movies as a family and it's something i'll always remember. It also makes me think of that time period of my life where i would watch a lot of Disney movies. I always felt a little like andy because i loved playing with my toys with my brother and we would act like they were alive and everything. so the character element is what makes it important or me
  • El Dorado

    This was a movie i really liked. It reminds me of riding in the car and watching this on portable dvd player we would strap to the back of my mos car seat. in the movie one of the guys said "lets get the hell outta here" and i remember feeling like a grown up cause i was aloud to watch a movie with a bad word in it. so that quote from the movie is what made it important for me
  • Marley and Me

    This movie was big for me because it made me really want a dog and i love my dog so much and im so glad we have him so in that sense i'm its important to me. This was also the first movie to ever make me cry so that will always hold a special in my heart. It made me realize how movies are ore than just entertainment
  • star wars

    the star wars series was big for me and my brother we were super into it we would have all the costumes and light sabers and action figures. we had all the memorabilia so when ever i see those movies or old toys it always makes remember those movies
  • James bond

    me and all my friends used to play James bond at recess in third grade and we would talk about aitsoft guns and stuff we loved the idea of being secret agents. i used to go over to my friends house to watch them play James bond videos games that i wasn't aloud to have until eventually i got on on the wii. I remember the scene in sky fall where they racing through the tunnels and that's something ill never forget.
  • the shining

    The shining was the first horror movie I saw. it wasn't gory or anything but it was a mental thriller and i thought that was cool. around the time i saw this movie we were going to a resort in watervile vally to see my family for the 4th of July. and the resort reminded me a lot of the resort in the movie.
  • one flown over the coo coo 's nest

    this movie was important to me because it is home to a lot of great acting. Jack Nicholson nails his role and its just all really good. its an interesting movie because there is a lot of weird characters but the best scene is when the do the shock therapy. i had no idea that was a thing until this movie
  • forest gump

    this movie is debatably one of the most important movies of all time. its practically a summery of all the most important events in american history it has love in it, war, be trail, its got everything. We reference this movie all the time especially the quote, "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get."
  • the dark night

    this was a bad man movie we watched and it was one of my favorite movies back in the day. I really appreciated the joker character and how well the guy played him. I'll also never forget when joker does the disappearing pencil magic trick on a goon and he stabs the pencil through the guys face/
  • fast times of ridgmont high

    This movie was important to me because it's one of my dads favorite movies and i liked it to so we would reference it. the sound track was so good and the stories were very real. I like hearing how the people talked and the lingo they used along with how they made the movie by going undercover in a high school. my favorite quote from the movie is "what are you waiting for Stacy you're 15" i like this quote because its ludicrous
  • cast away

    this movie gave me a fear of flying because after seeing it i couldn't help but think i was going to go down one of these days. i thought it was amazing how tom hanks carried the whole movie on his back. He had little to know supporting cast besides a volley ball. But this i'll never forget when he gets saved and comes back home and sees that everyone has moved on without him.
  • good fellas

    this movie is one of my favorites. after watching the great job by robert de nirno and the other mob guys I was blown away. I watch it all the time. i took a dna test shortly after to see what ethnicity i am and i was wanting to be Italian so bad but i wasn't. The most memorable scene was when tony is in the restaurant and he makes a joke and someone calls him funny. he than gets all defensive and the whole room quiets down in fear
  • water world

    the movie water world i thought was a really cool movie because it was a really interesting concept of the whole world being covered in water. this movie remind me of what the world is like now. we are just salvaging the damage we've done.
  • whiplash

    this was a movie about a drummer at a music school and he was in a class with a very mean teacher. they went through a lot in the movie. my brother ended up going to music school just like the kid from whiplash so when ever im down visiting him i think about it.
  • pulp fiction

    pulp fiction is my favorite movie of all time. I love it because its three different stories all rolled into one in the end. the acting is great the cast is great and the filming was good to it was like a comic book. the opening scene is so iconic and that's what sticks with me
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