Move to North Dakota

Timeline created by TayMendoza08
  • Saying Goodbye

    Saying Goodbye
    The first step to the move was to actually leave Oregon. The Whole idea of leaving my entire life to start a new one was very nerve racking and I was not in favor. But it had to be done and it was a good decision for the family.
  • Road trip to my new life

    Road trip to my new life
    The drive from Oregon to North Dakota is roughly 24 hours. It isn't my ideal situation.
  • Finally Here

    Finally Here
    When we got into North Dakota I didn't really grasp that this was my new home, I just saw it as a regular visit. School hadn't started yet, but volleyball had. In my eyes it was still summer and it was but not for long.
  • School

    This was a very hard transition to make especially since I didn't know anybody. I made friends pretty quickly though. 8
  • First Football Game

    First Football Game
    This was the first Time I got out of the house to hang out with my new friends. I was a little nervous at first but everyone was very nice and made me feel comfortable.
  • Family

    I had a lot more family here than I thought. But the most impacting family would be the triplets.
  • First Choir Concert

    First Choir Concert
    I have been in choir since as long as I can remember. Moving schools was definitely a challenge in that area because they do things differently, but it defiantly worked out in the end.
  • Minneapolis

    My best friend from Oregon came to visit me and go to a volleyball game in MN. It was very hard to watch her leave but really fun to spend time with her.
  • Christmas

    This was the First Christmas I spent with my moms side of the family and it was different but I look forward to more.
  • First dance in Valley

    First dance in Valley
    this was my first dance at this school. It was a night to remember and I broke my toe.