Most Important Events In My Life

  • Grandma's Baby Was Born

    Grandma's Baby Was Born
    I begin being spoiled on June 26 1992 in Erie Pa the funny thing about me being born was that my mother wanted a boy but my grandmother wanted a girl & my grandma's wishes becme true when i was born as the first granddaughter in the family.
  • Dub C Homecoming

    Dub C Homecoming
    Dub C Youuu KNOoww! this day of my highschool homecoming i met the love of my life its funny how we met. We bumped into eachother and it was love at first fight. Every since that day me and him have been closer than ever he is my homie, lover and friend.
  • Mama I Made It!

    Mama I Made It!
    i got accepted to Norh Carolina A&T State University on my mothers birthday! She said that was the best birthday gift i could have ever gave her. I was glad to make her a proud mom she deserves to see me do great in life because she put her dreams on hold for me.
  • Grandma I Made It!

    Grandma I Made It!
    My grandma was so excited to see me sing & walk across that stage st my high school graduation i was just blessed that she was able to see me graduate.
  • Homegoing Celebration

    Homegoing Celebration
    The Lord took my life away from me on this day this event in my life has to be the most important it broke me down and made me into the strong woman that i am today she is all of my motivation R.I.P my love you will truly be missed