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Mongolia and Taiwan

  • Period: Jan 1, 1206 to

    Mongolia and Taiwan - Then and Now

  • Apr 1, 1206

    Genghis Khan

    Genghis Khan
    Temujin claimed the name Genghis Khan in the Spring of 1206. He is the founder of the Mongol Empire.
  • Jan 1, 1500

    Altan Khan

    Altan Khan
    In the middle of the16th century, Altan Khan became powerful, founded Hohhot, and brought up Buddhism even more. After this, Mongolia embraced the religion of Buddhism.
  • China Conquering Taiwan

    China Conquering Taiwan
    Originally, aborigine peoples lived on the island of Taiwan. In 1683, during the Qing Dynasty, it was conquered by China.
  • Taiwan Ceded to Japan

    Taiwan Ceded to Japan
    Taiwan was ceded or conquered by Japan. It's not definite what happened. But at this time, the majority of Taiwan's population was of Chinese descent.
  • Mongolia's Independence

    Mongolia's Independence
    Mongolia went and declared their independence in the year of 1911, after the fall of the Qing Dynasty. China considered Mongolia to be their own territory, though.
  • Mongolia's Independence Part II

    Mongolia's Independence Part II
    There was an invasion over Mongolia by both China and Russia during the Russian Civil War. It was made communist during the war, but Mongolia fought back once more and regained their independence again. Mongolia had close ties with the Soviet Union for the next 70 years afterwards.
  • Mongolia and Modern Development

    Mongolia and Modern Development
    In the 1990's, Mongolia started modernizing and a new consitution was made. Market economy was being worked on and starting to happen. Mongolia became a Parliamentary Republic and voting was beginning to take place.
  • Taiwan to Democracy

    Taiwan to Democracy
    In the 1990's, Taiwan became a multi-party democracy. This includes many parties that are involved in the Republic of China.
  • Taiwan - One of the Four Tigers

    Taiwan - One of the Four Tigers
    In the 1990's, Taiwan also greatly developed their economy. They became one of the Four Asian Tigers and have the 19th-largest economy in the world. Taiwan is a very strong nation although it is a pretty tiny place.
  • Taiwan Back to China

    Taiwan Back to China
    Japan, being an Axis power doing World War II, surrendered Taiwan back to the Republic of China after the war ended.