Moon landing

Modern American History Project

By jbiser
  • Research Day

    Research Day
    Use texbook and class materials to research your topics! Research will be placed on index cards. One side of your index card will include the description and significance of your event/person/topic. The other side of the index card will be reserved for you to write down ideas and citation information about primary sources.
  • Gathering your primary sources.

    Gathering your primary sources.
    Begin looking for primary sources that relate to your topics. You must have a minimum of five visual primary sources (photographs, political cartoons, drawings, etc), five multimedia resources (song, recording of speech, news clip), and five text sources (speech, letter, newspaper article, etc.). I suggest using EdModo to gather and share your primary source ideas with your partner! Don't forget to write down where you find these sources on your notecards.
  • Organizing Presentation

    Organizing Presentation
    Now, take your research and your primary sources and organize them into a presentation via Glogster or Time Toast. I reccommend Glogster for groups who want to be a bit more creative visually. Time toast is great if you have a topic that really flows chronologically. I will give you information on creating accounts for these programs.
  • Vietnam War Play

    Vietnam War Play
  • Finishing Presentation

    Finishing Presentation
    Put finishing touches on your virtual scrapbook. Make sure all of your links work, spellcheck, and make sure you have all of your resources that you used cited. Think through your presentation. Who will be responsible for saying what? This will be the last class time given for work on this project. Upload links to your project to EdModo.