Mission to mars NASA

Timeline created by cooldude123
  • Korabi 4

    This mission was ment to be a flyby but failed because it didnt reach earths oribt.
  • Mariner 9

    Success returned with 7329 images
  • Zond 2

    This mission failed due to radio damage
  • Mars 96

    Falure - launch vehicle falure
  • Mars polar lander

    Falure - lost on arrival
  • Deep Space 2

    Success/Falure- captured over 300 images but never returned to earth
  • Mars Odyssey

    Succes hi resolution images
  • Mars rover - Spirt

    Succes exceeded its life in space
  • Mars Orbiter

    Returned with more than 26 terabites of data
  • Phonex mars lander

    returned with more than 25 gigabites of data
  • Period: to

    NASA mission to mars