Minning Boom

  • Patio Process

    a hispanic minning meathod which used mercury to extract silver from ore
  • Period: to

    Minning Boom

  • Boom Begins

    First promising minning discoveries after the Caifornia gold rush, took place in Pikes Peak, Colorado
  • Moving west

    thousands of people flocked to Colorado
  • Carson River Valley

    More successful minning operations began taking place in the present day Carson River Valley
  • Alaska

    William H. Seward negotiated the purchase of Alaska
  • Big Buisness

    By this point, very few lone miners were minning, it was mainly companies and coorperations moving in and doing large scale minning operation
  • Machinery

    More and more different field machines were being made to quicken the process of minning as a company
  • More discoveries

    Prospecters discovered gold in Klondic district of Columbia
  • Yukon Minning

    Miners in the Yukon had extracted over 1 million dollars worth of gold
  • Minning moving North

    More discoverises in the Yukon brought more and more miners north in search of a fortune